In recent weeks it has been so nice to value the spare time Gino and I have together. As I near graduation and as Gino's schedule gets busier and busier we have found our time to see one another is usually 11PM when I get home or 7AM when Gino has to leave for class/school. Both being times of the day where at least one of us, if not both of us, is feeling delirious. Recently, Gino and I managed to find some time to get out-and-about and to really spend some quality time together. Of course then you are always faced with the task of having to decide what exactly it is that we wanted to do. Continue Reading --------->

A Step Backwards, A Giant Step Forwards

Wow. It's been a while.
I am currently sat in Brooklyn Roasting Company on Saturday 11th March, actually feeling quite nervous to write again on NevNYC. And to be completely honest with you all, I am not quite sure...Continue Reading ----->

Finding My Fitness Footing

Okay now THIS is a blog I never thought I'd be uploading. I mean a fitness blog?! But hey, it's 2017 and I said its the year of saying YES to everything. So when the idea to talk a bit about my current fitness regime came into my head I simply went, "well....ok?!". I see...Continue Reading ------->

Out of the Haze and Into Reality

Well here we go! It's the 7th of January and by this point everyone is well into routine, or if you're lucky, only just about to transition back into one! For those of you that have been back at work since the 1st/2nd of January, I hope you are all settled back into work.....Continue Reading ---------->

January 2017 Favourites

I feel at this point in 2017 with everything that is happening in the world it is difficult for me to dive straight in without mentioning what has been going on. I don't feel that NevNYC is the appropriate platform for me to express how I truly feel about what..... Continue Reading ------------->

What Actually IS "HYGGE"? Dissecting My Latest Obsession

I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am to have a platform where I can just talk about a latest obsession of mine. I mean at this point my flatmates, Gino and my family are sick to death of me talking about the topic of "hygge" but here I can talk away at my hearts...Continue Reading --------->

2016 - 2017: Reflection & Projection

It's that time of year again! The time of year where we whack a big bow on top of, and say goodbye to the year behind us, and a big, warm hello to the year ahead! I for one absolutely love this time of year, almost as much as Christmas. I love that at this time of year...Continue Reading -------------->