BLOGMAS DAY 2: Making Your Home Smell Like Christmas

Now if you haven't noticed from my incessant festive posting on Social Media, Christmas is my absolute favourite time of year. And as soon as I start seeing festive decorations or festivities in retail I INSTANTLY am overcome with festive feelings. One of the biggest things I associate with the festive season and really helps me get into the Christmassy feeling is SMELL. I love festive candles, I love festive foods and I love festive cooking, all things that smell incredible. When crawling through Pinterest this year as I began to build my Christmas 2017 Pinterest Board I found so many inspiring blog posts or recipes of ways to get your house smelling like Christmas. Now whilst on a budget I was really looking for a way to get the my apartment and Gino's Apartments to smell like Christmas without spending hundreds of dollars on candles. I saw a few recipes containing the core ingredients of smells that really make that "Christmas Scent" varying from brewing them in slow cookers, crock pots and even in ovens. I decided to grab a couple of ingredients that I associated with Christmas, add them to water and see how it goes. And oh my goodness, when I tell you it smelt like Christmas, it SMELT LIKE CHRISTMAS. The best part is this is super cheap, and super easy to make so here is what I used to make our apartments smell like Christmas! 

- Handful of cinnamon sticks
- 2 teaspoons Ground Cloves
- 2 teaspoons Anise Seeds
- 3 Tangerines
- Ginger
- 1 Cup of Cranberries
- 1 Cup of Apple Juice

The recipe could not be simpler, all you need to do is add all the ingredients to the pot, and fill with water till the pan is around 3/4 full. Then all you need to do is to bring the mixture to the boil then take it down to a low heat and let it simmer. After around 30 minutes the scent will really start to carry itself around your home. There are a number of ways you can prolong the smell, you could:

- Add pine leaves, this stronger smell only adds to the scent.
- Let the mixture simmer for 4 hours, leave to cool over night, then heat again the following day.
- Add more Anise Seeds or Cloves, these two core scents are really strong and you can really change the way the scent smells by adding a little more or a little less of each of these. 

The best thing about this is it has your house smelling of Christmas for days and you really have the freedom to create the scent you associate with Christmas! I picked up the ingredients from a small  European grocery store by Gino's apartment and cost me around $10! The best part is I had key ingredients like cranberries, cinnoman and aniseed for further Christmas baking!! It was so nice to create a little home scent away from home! 

If you have any alternative ways to get your house smelling like Christmas please let me know in the comments below! I'd love to hear all about it!


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