Learning How to "Stop"

What is this, "stop" you speak of. Ask me during the week and I will laugh and continue with the task in hand. Stopping or time for myself is something I know little of. 

I know that sometimes we do things that we can interpret as stopping, like going out for food for instance, meeting with a friend etc. However this is not what people mean when they say "stop" or "you need downtime". This is something I've only really just discovered. I've said in a few blogs before that I am someone who needs to GO! GO! GO! At all times, if I'm not in class, I'm working. If I'm not at work, I'm writing a blog. If I'm not writing a blog, I'm working on my rep. Etc. Don't get me wrong there are some of you that are waaaaaay busier, and I honestly don't know how we do it! As I write this blog, I am nearing the end of a day where Gino and I just simply, stopped. We were on top of school work, we had no plans and were in desperate need of taking some time for ourselves. On Friday night the sheer thought of not having to set an alarm the following morning felt somewhat euphoric after weeks and weeks of 5:30AM alarm clocks. This got me to thinking about all of us that fill our schedules with work and play and planning., and how important it is to fit in some down time. Schedule it in even. I am someone who has a severe case of FOMO but also someone who feels guilty when not doing something productive. However today, in doing nothing, I feel I've gotten more done than in the past few weeks. And ultimately it has just been nice to be spend time up in Gino's apartment and catch up on some well needed rest! 

As we approach my favourite time of year it was nice to have a day where I can go over my schedule as well as set some things in motion for NevNYC that I want to happen come late November, early December. Gino officially said YES to watching a Christmas movie which means I'm entering a week where I begin to be unapologetically FESTIVE. But it has been so nice today to catch up watching our shows together as well as take time to make breakfast and sit together. Its been nice to just be together and have NO PLANS. 

The motto of NevNYC seems to be "easier said than done" but all these things like, taking time to rest, changing our outlook on life, following our dreams are all things that we have lost sight of in this day and age. Life certainly throws things our way that make it harder to deal with the things we want to but we have to begin to schedule time to turn things around, to reflect and to plan. As the saying goes. Life is a marathon, not a sprint. If you feel exhausted or that you need time, take it. Reschedule, re-plan things that can and find those minutes, hours or days where you can recollect everything you need. It's more important than you think. 


Happy Sunday Everyone!

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