Turning 22

If you haven't guessed by the title of this blog I recently turned 22. And what an amazing weekend it was. If you know me, day-to-day you will know that I am an absolute control freak, I guess its my inner-Libra coming out. But because of this I am a nightmare to surprise when it comes to gifts or birthdays, as I always have to know what is going on! My birthday weekend was amazing as my NYC wifey Jessica and my boyfriend Gino managed to do exactly that! 

I woke up on my birthday morning next to G, which was amazing in itself, and on top of this he had popped out and gotten me my favorite breakfast (Turkey bacon, egg and cheese everything bagel from Bergen Bagel) and huge balloons bless him! Also Gino's gorgeous parents Dawn & Anthony had gotten me this beautiful black worn-leather tote bag amazing, it was so nice to have a relaxed morning before I had to head into school for classes before beginning the birthday celebrations! 

Whilst at school NevNYC had set a SnapChat geo-filter so that everyone could take some fun selfies. It was such a cool thing to have! I loved seeing everyone's selfies. Check out the website, you can make your own! School actually went really well, I had 2 classes, Acting & Movement which I love. My classmates were so sweet and had all signed a card for me, and then my gorgeous friend Tiffany had gotten me this amazing strawberry cream tart from Paris Baguette! So sweet!

The evening held surprise number 1! Now I had been told for weeks that on the evening of my actual birthday, Gino and I would be going out to do something and the closer we got to that day I was told that it would actually be a dinner for the two of us and then a dinner with friends. Little did I know that Jessica and Gino had been in cahoots and organised me going to see HAMILTON! I mean wtf?! I think literally until the point that I sat down in the auditorium, I couldn't actually believe we were there. This was the second time I had seen Hamilton, the first time my friend Ayesha won the lottery and kindly took me with her. It was insane and I LOVED it. At that point however the CD wasn't out so I didn't know the show as well as I do now. THIS TIME was incredible, knowing the story and having read the book Lin-Manuel wrote the show from, I enjoyed it even more and bawled my eyes out for a solid 3 hours! So so magical! Here's a picture of me looking like a happy 5 year old! Gah it was just amazing, and the seats we had! WOW. 

The following day Gino and I popped out to the West Village and had a gorgeous day just wondering around the streets and popping in and out of shops. We also managed to squeeze in a trip to see the Puppies in the Pet Stores in SoHo, it took nearly everything in us however to not leave with one! It was just one of those perfect days with Gino with no plan, but just good company and good coffee. The two most important things in life....

I mean how could I not have a good day with this cutie patootie! That evening entailed my second suprise (which was actually a double whammy). I was told that we were all heading to my groups fave food spot "Benny's Burritos" which sounded like a good plan to me, they do a killer Frozen Margarita. But actually, Jessie and Gino had organised a SURPRISE PARTY! Gah it was just the best time, we partied in our apartment and on the roof, and danced all night. One of the most amazing parts of the evening though was when we all gathered in the movie room on my roof to watch a video that Jess had organised for me. A video containing lots of clips of birthday wishes from my friends and family here in NYC and back at home. Incredible. It is safe to say that it brought a tear to my eye. You can watch the video HERE!

It has just been an incredible birthday most definitely a birthday I will never forget. I'm so thankful for Jess, organizing all these amazing things for me! I'm so thankful for G who kept all these secrets and just made it an incredible weekend. I'm thankful for my family back at home for sending out hilarious birthday cards and birthday wishes. And I'm so thankful for everyone who took the time out of their day to wish me a Happy Birthday it really means a lot to me and I'm so glad I got to spend my birthday with such amazing people. 

I hope you all have an incredible holiday weekend whatever it is you are doing!


Nev x

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