Making Your Dreams A Reality

As we grow up, our dreams and aspirations are squandered and squashed by a variety of different "reality slaps". We're told; "that's never going to happen", "how on earth are you going to manage that", "get your head out of the clouds". Well to that I say SHUSH! 

We have been doing a lot of work in my Career Preparation class lately with our goals and aspirations. We have all been trying to pinpoint a specific moment we imagine where we will say "I've done it." I remember being reluctant to have this thought as I grew up. I didn't think there was any way it could happen. However in recent weeks I've realised....that ULTIMATE dream I've always had in the back of my mind, hasn't gone away. It just that I'm just currently aiming for and achieving mini-goals. I really didn't think I'd ever get to live in New York City, yet here I am, a step closer. A class I really loved recently was when we went around the room and each shared our "tightrope moment" (our ultimate dream), and before we all began sharing this, our teacher Joel told us that there was no dream too ridiculous. To be able to share my very specific goal and to hear everyone else's was so wonderful, it was as if everyone was sharing a bit of their own light and you could see everyone painting the picture in their minds of the moment they were sharing. Amazing! And that's when I realised, we all have that in us. It's just buried behind some LIFE stuff.

I think we tend to believe that the pathway to our goals is set in stone, and a straight line, that if we stray away from this path, somehow our dream is no longer valid or in our sight lines. I tend to think that this is wrong, everything I do, I do with my ultimate dream in mind. Did I intend to start a blog? No, but I love doing it, and can interpret it as a step along the path. Did I set out to fall in love when I got to New York, no, but I did, and he's wonderful when I'm doubtful of my dreams. All these little things that happen in life along the way are all part of achieving your dreams. Some of these little notches can sometimes take weeks, months, years and at the time can feel worthless. I remember studying my A Levels and it being a really hard two-years for me because it had no relevance to what I wanted to do, I felt restricted. Now I look back at the time where I wasn't training or performing and know that is a feeling I never what to have again. Therefore, I have to work harder. Even in the negative, I learnt something. 

Again this brings it all back to interpretation. Don't think of a side-step in life as giving up on your dreams. You're only strengthening them. You're blazing your own trail and making your own way towards your ultimate happiness and euphoria. 

We see a lot on social media of people sharing the highlights of their lives which people interpret as fake, or not real. And while there can sometimes be an element of forced fun or forced image, I'm a huge advocate for emoting and putting out positivity. If you know what you want, put it out there, believe it, start living as if its already in your sight lines, because ultimately you will make it happen. Gino has a placemat in his apartment with a quote on it that reads:

"I never dreamed about success, I worked for it" - Estee Lauder

And whilst I agree, I believe there has to be an element of both. Go forward towards your dream, and sometimes you will have to do things that will seem like work and sometimes you will be doing things that don't. But I know that knowing what I'm doing all this for, makes all the "work" seem a lot easier. Everything that I'm saying may seem completely irrelevant towards your life, or you may find yourself saying "Easier said than done, Luke". And you are not wrong. Because LIFE happens. All I am encouraging you to do is to interpret those tough moments into something positive, ask yourself what you have learnt. How can I move forward? Am I closer to my goal? Am I on a side-step? Because everything is a step forward to your dreams. You just have to make that connection. And remember there is no dream that is too big or too small, but I can guarantee, that no two people have the same very detailed and specific goal. Go forward with confidence, determination, passion and love. 

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams" - Unknown. 

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

- Nev x