BLOGMAS DAY 1: Welcome to Blogmas!


Okay so technically, I've been celebrating the festive season for the past month now BUT today officially kicks of the Christmas countdown. So I thought this year I would get involved by doing "24 Days of BLOGmas!" where I will be posting a blog post on EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I'm mad. I don't know what I've done! But I cannot wait to share with you guys everything I have been up to and everything I will be doing in the month December. 

I have been planning BLOGmas since the beginning of October and I have absolutely loved collecting all these different types of blogs together for you guys. But what can you expect in the 24 Days of BLOGmas? Well! You can expect:

- WAAAAY too much festive-ness
- Recipes, some of my favourite dishes and festive baked goods!
- Festive fun in NYC!
- My thoughts on Christmas itself (i.e WHY AM I OBSESSED WITH ALL THINGS XMAS)
- Christmas Song of the Day. Each blog post will have a song of the day attached as we countdown to Christmas. You can also follow my Christmas 2016 Playlist on Apple Music here! 
- VLOGS I'm unsure in what capacity, but I will be filming all things festive in NYC so be sure to check back! You can subscribe to the NEVNYC YOUTUBE by clicking the link!
- Flying home for Christmas
- Christmas traditions at home in County Durham, England!
- Lots and lots of fun!

This time last year I began counting down the days until I head home to my parents house by putting a Christmas song everyday, on my Mum's Facebook page. And on the post I would talk about a Christmas memory associated with the song I was posting. It was honestly so much fun and so many people from around our hometown shared with us their memories associated with the song as well!

I've had so much fun already getting these blogposts together and I'm so excited to share my insane energy for the festive season. And although not everybody celebrates Christmas and not everybody who reads my blogs will be willing to divulge in the festive spirit to the extent I have, I hope that throughout December everyone has fun and joins me on this journey!!!

Throughout the month I would love to hear from you guys what you thought of the blogpost, which was your favourite or if you have any Christmas traditions! 


To kick off the festive season, there was only one choice for...

Christmas Song of the Day: STEP INTO CHRISTMAS - ELTON JOHN

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