BLOGMAS DAY 4: Visiting Macy's Holiday Lane

One of my favourite places to visit during the festive season is Macy's Holiday lane. A huge seasonal holiday decoration store full of tree ornaments and home decor, situated on Floor 9 of Macy's. Around November last year I visited the store for the first time and literally fell in love with how immersive Holiday Lane is. People joke all the time and say that American's do seasonal holidays twice as big as anyone else in the world, and in this place, they are most definitley right. Even if you don't have the spare change to purchase an ornament, it is the perfect place to relax and get yourself into the festive spirit amongst the themed Christmas trees.  

Throughout the festive season they have a variety of different discounts and offers that make their many items the perfect gifts to give. And here is a little tip, if you are visiting the US you get a 15% off voucher by simply showing your passport down at the Information Desk on the First Floor Balcony. Well worth it, however don't worry if you are a US citizen, the Holiday Lane staff will for sure do everything they can to give you a little extra discount! How festive! One of the reasons I love visiting Holiday Lane so much is because of the vast variety of ornaments they have. Back at home we have a huge family Christmas tree which is decorated by a variety of ornaments from different places we have visited, various special dates or years and wonderful ornaments collected from over the past decade. It is so special to add to the tree each year so we always make sure that no matter where in the world we are, we grab that new, special ornament! You'll have to wait until I am home to find out which one I picked up this year!

When I planned on bringing Gino, I wasn't sure what kind of reaction it would get. However I knew it would be honest, but being someone who can take or leave the festive season, I thought Holiday Lane was a good place to start to get into the festive spirit. And guess what...he loved it!!! I think the store in its vastness is enough to win anyone over, and if you don't like traditional decorations then this is the place to pick up the perfect ornament to your taste. However Gino was so close to getting carried away that I had to pull him away from this huge VERY expensive, cuddly bear. 

Cute right?!!!! Be sure to head along to Macy's Holiday Lane! And downstairs on floor 8 you can go and visit Santa Claus himself!! Stay tuned for our visit! 

Christmas Song of the Day: LET IT SNOW! - DEAN MARTIN

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