BLOGMAS DAY 7: What Christmas Means to Me

For me this was a really interesting blogpost to write and it was something that I haven't ever really sat down and thought about. The topic is something that I have discussed more since moving to New York as the values are similar, but the traditions, are different. Year by year my excitement for Christmas gets bigger and bigger. Why is that? I'm sure my 9 year old self would have happily and quickly replied "because that is when I get gifts". Thankfully at the age of 22, that is not even a part of why I love Christmas. Of course a huge reason for me loving it so much at this point in my life is that I get to go home and see my family. Christmas to me is a celebration of both family, and life. Don't get me wrong I am fully aware of the religious meaning of Christmas, however not being a practicing Christian, I often get asked why I love it SO MUCH. I never really grew up in a particularly religious household, although I was Christened when I was much much younger. I was brought up to understand and appreciate all religious teachings and beliefs. The Christmas Story is a story that most of us know if you grew up in the British Schooling system and whether we chose to be religious or not, it is the celebration of life. That is what I took from growing up putting on numerous Christmas nativities in primary school. I remember once being a fabulous tap dancing pink rabbit when I was younger...I mean it explains a lot. 

The trouble with Christmas is that each year it seems to get bigger and bigger, earlier and earlier as the holiday itself gets more and more Westernised. I am most definitely guilty of getting excited earlier and earlier and only encouraging this change. This year amongst all the December blog planning I felt myself being swallowed into a crazy hurricane of festive feelings. Myself aside it seems retailers are putting in their Christmas stock out earlier, cities are decorating earlier and it seems Christmas songs are being played on the radio before we have even managed to vacuum pack our summer clothes. Now this may just be New York and its "on steroids" style holiday season but you can choose to go with it or hold off and avoid eye contact with every window display Santa Claus until the 1st of December. I chose to go with it! 

Christmas at home at this point of my life is a concoction of childhood nostalgia and family celebration. Our artificial family Christmas tree smells like "home" and our family Christmas Album, aptly titled "The Best Christmas Album in the World...Ever", sounds exactly like every Christmas morning I've ever had. If you want to see a dramatisation of a typical Neville Christmas Day, check out the ever-so-slightly more dramatic and dysfunctional "Gaving & Stacey: Christmas Special". This year I'm just so excited to be with my family, we have a panto trip organised, lots of festive lunches, a baking day GAH! I just can't wait!

Most importantly, Christmas to me is a celebration of love. It's a time to enjoy the company of family and friends, be giving and be thankful. And if there is one thing I wish for this year it is that everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. I've spoken so much this year about reflection and looking back as much as looking forward and I really feel this year that this year can be celebration. I've welcomed this outlook into my life this year and it really has changed it for the better. As I type this up I'm so excited to stop for a while, return home and just be surrounded by loved ones and fresh air! This year Gino is also coming to England in between Christmas and New Years for some celebrations which is so exciting! 

I really hope you guys are enjoying this "24 Days of BLOGMAS" series that I'm doing here on NevNYC. Social media bloggers and vloggers sharing their festive season have really become a part of what I love about Christmas and just really puts a positive bow on the progression and integration of social media. I thought it would be great to get involved and spread some positive cheer across the blog for a month and set myself the challenge of 24 blogposts, daily! I must hand it to those who daily-vlog and daily-blog because it is a lot more work than you think. But it is ALL worth it to see you guys really enjoying them! 

"May your days be merry and bright!"

Happy Holidays Everyone!


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