Meet Me in Massachusetts: Thanksgiving Edition


For weeks now I've been so excited for our trip to Massachusetts for Thanksgiving and Gino's parents. I always remember a quote from Sex and the City where Carrie says "the best thing about New York City is leaving it, missing it, and coming back"...or something along those lines. And during the hectic few weeks that preceded the trip, that quote was bouncing around my brain. Gino and I just simply needed a break from New York City. The past semester at school feels like it has flashed before my eyes, everything has been going a mile a minute. So a trip out of the city, to family and peace & quiet was nothing but pure bliss. The week before heading to Massachusetts we slowly began packing and getting even more excited. Thanksgiving is something we do not celebrate back in England, understandably. My first experience last year was wonderful, spent in with great company, my Uncle Joey and Uncle Tom in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. A weekend full of PBS specials, sharing thanks and a constant haze of food and wine. An experience that was very much getting me excited for this year.

Gino and I were flying out to Boston Logan Airport from LaGuardia in the early hours of the morning of Thanksgiving as we both worked late the day before. And because of my crazy airport routine and rituals, that meant getting Gino up from his sleep that little bit earlier than expected. Resulting in this moody face of his...


Hahaha! Such a little grouch, love it! We jest. In fact the morning was so breezy. Leaving from Gino's studio apartment in Harlem it took us around 10 minutes to get to the airport and then around an hour to get check in, drop our bags off and get through security. A process which took longer than our 37-minute-long flight! I barely had time to squeeze in an episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Something I could forgive instantly when faced with views like this from the plane window. 


Here on NevNYC, over the past few months I've spoken so much about perspective being the source of all positivity. And for me this was a moment of reflection and perspective. A perspective of looking at things from above. It felt so great to see the hustle and bustle of NYC disappear below the clouds and then to see it traded in for the sea and the green of the countryside. After grabbing our bag from the carousel and running with open arms to meet Mama Dawny (Gino's mum) who was picking us up, Gino and I took a much-needed nap, which he kindly shared on my Mum's Facebook! 



I look like a sleeping thumb. But damn that was a good nap. Im currently immersed in the world of "Gilmore Girls" for the first time as I binge-watch it on Netflix, which makes for perfect pre & post-nap entertainment.

On Friday we ventured out into the city of Boston to do a bit of shopping on Newbury Street. Newbury Street is one of my favourite places to shop in world. It's so relaxing to wonder down and is never really crazily busy, nor is it heavily commercialised making it the perfect place to pop into various boutiques. For lunch, G and I went to SweetGreen, a delicious organic food shop which made gorgeous healthy food combos. I had a Pesto Portobello Bowl and Gino had a Curry Cauliflower Bowl, both were DELICIOUS.


In the evening we chilled around the house and watched movies. That has by far been the best thing about this mini-break vacation and Gino's parents; the chilling out. It seems like ages since we were able to just chill and relax doing absolutely nothing, and when you're in a food coma, it's the perfect thing to do!  

On Saturday we went out for brunch with Gino's mum, Auntie and Nana at a 95 year old restaurant in Cambridge, Boston. The food was to die for and it was just so nice to sit and catch up. We ended up crying with laughter as they shared stories of what Gino was like as a kid! After refilling our bellys with even more food, Gino and I decided to wander down into Cambridge where the Harvard University Campus is, for a little stroll and to let our food go down. After a chilly walk home it was so nice to get into our pyjamas. Of course, matching onesies were required...


This morning (Sunday) we ventured back along to Harvard Square to grab breakfast and some bits and bobs to take back to the city. Today was the perfect Autumn day, bright and sunny, freezing cold and nice and quiet! We grabbed an amazing breakfast at the Cremo Caffe, we highly recommend it if you're looking for an inexpensive place to breakfast around Harvard! And out of all the things to buy, Gino bought a Christmas Curious George cuddly toy! Almost a year into or relationship and this boy baffles me, daily! Haha!


Now as we head back to New York City, replenished, refreshed and with VERY full stomachs, I look back on a perfect and much-needed break here in Massachusetts. I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving break! Keep pushing on through, the Christmas break is only around the corner! 


Nev x

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