BLOGMAS DAY 3: Decorating My Room! (On A Budget)

For the past four years I have lived in a shared apartment with different roommates so have somewhat become an expert of condensing my over-the-top festive decorations to one single room! This year I felt like I really wanted to go for something a lot cosier than my past decorating attempts! Funnily enough that was pretty much one of my only options as I really wanted to save on money this year and make sure that I'm able to do everything I wanted in the festive season!

I thought I'd start off with Christmas/Wintery bedding! One thing that I found that was really great was the deals that Target email out almost daily and I was so lucky that one weekend I came across a deal on flannel bedding/sheet sets! This one was only $40 including shipping (around £32), this particular duvet set is currently sold out but you can check out the selection Target has by clicking HERE

As I'm going home a lot earlier this year I really wanted to make sure that my room was still "festive, festive, festive" but ALSO "cost-effective, cost-effective, cost-effective" PAH! So the best thing to do was utilise the things I already had at my disposal and then add a few festive touches. I started off with the two mason jars, pouring in some "Fake Snow" I picked up from Flying Tiger for $2, and added a tea light on top. I must say Flying Tiger, or just simply Tiger as it is called in England has been an absolute God-send when it comes to holiday decorations or parties. Cheap, cheerful and down-right awesome. So yeah I thought these little candle holders turned out pretty sweet and added a little festive glow to my windowsill!

The Christmas tree I have in the corner of my room is a small tree that my Mum sent over to New York last Christmas and I just love it. It is so nice and perfect for the tiny rooms/apartments we have here and it is also nice to know that my sister Faye also has the same one tree and little baubles! The Big Ben ornament you can see on the last picture of this set was given to me by one of my best friends Suzanne when she came to visit from London 2 weeks ago. We both were living in the North East of England 5 years ago and discussing our big city dreams, as you do. So it's so nice to have this little reminder of us both making it to New York and London. Plus on top of that achievement it means we both get to visit each other in both cities a couple times a year!!

These festive bows were also from Flying Tiger and were $1 each, I thought they were perfect to add to my light fittings in the room and also they're great for convincing people that you are skilled enough to make them alone....I'm not. And the lights I've wrapped around my French Bulldog ornaments here are just some battery operated wire lights. I much prefer wire lights as I find they're so much cheaper but also equally as bright! I just added a set to the Christmas tree as well as along the windowsill to make it a little bit more bright and Christmassy! 

I think my favourite little feature for this year is my little bedside table bits and bobs. Hanging above my bedside is this little glass tea light candle holder that I was given from my flatmate Finty for my birthday, I absolutely love it so just popped a red tea light candle in it! But on the side there I picked up a metal tray, fake snow, advent candle and two little knitted ornaments all from Flying Tiger. The whole thing was $6 to make and it is so cute! I absolutely love the mini-Luke and mini-Gino! And of course to top it off I have my "Merry." mug that I grabbed from Marshall's for $3. 

All-in-all I'm so over the moon with how these little additions turned out. I was so nervous before going to decorate as I didn't know how a low-budget decorating attempt would look! But knowing that a little crafting and candle light can turn a regular student-room into a mini-Winter Wonderland, I will definitely be looking for some cheap and cute ways to decorate in the future!



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