BLOGMAS DAY 13: Snowing In New York (Throwback)

In light of the recent snowfalls that are happening sporadically over New York this December, I thought I would include some photos of the heavy snowfall we received back in January prior to NevNYC! I always wanted to put these photos into a post but didn't know how to incorporate it! WELL, BLOGMAS seems like a good time to do so! I honestly wish you guys could have seen the mental state that I entered when I saw it was snowing. A woman genuinely asked if I was okay.

This is outside of where I used to live on Madison Avenue, if you check back in some of my older posts you will see that it was right on the corner of Madison Avenue and 30th Street. To have the streets so quiet was something I'd never seen in the 6 months I had lived there! Around mid-day of the second day of consistent snowfall everyone got an alert on their phone to let all residents of Manhattan know that all non-emergency service vehicles were to leave Manhattan immediately and that they wouldn't be allowed to drive around the city. Well as you can imagine, no cars meant a quiet city, which meant...

That top picture is probably one of my all time favourite pictures that I've taken since being here. That is people walking up the middle of 5th Avenue in the middle of the road. That is how empty the streets of Manhattan was! Crazy!! But so magical. The final picture in that previous stack is me walking into an empty Madison Square Park. Everyone knows and I've said it so many times on this blog but that park is my all time favourite place in Manhattan so to be able to do this was just incredible! It snowed over night after this day of running around Midtown without fear of being run over, and we woke up to a complete wintery wonderland (although the cars were back on the roads). 

On the third and final full snow day my friends and I managed to haul ourselves to Central Park to go for a wintery walk and we were NOT disappointed. I think I'm going to have to do the same next year because it was out of this world. When you look around and the whole park is covered in snow its like you're not even in New York City, I couldn't believe it! Almost every New Yorker was out celebrating the snowfall ending by sledging and making snowmen it was just so much fun! And so so beautiful to photograph. What I love the most about these photos is the fact of how different it looks in comparison to the summer. I love the image of the Bethesda Fountain and the frozen over lake. It was so weird to not see people in rowing boats! 

I hope you enjoyed this little throwback, I'm so glad I managed to incorporate these images onto my blog as they're so different from the Summer and Fall/Autumn photos I've posted since NevNYC has existed! Let me know if you like this kind of throwback blog post and I'll see what other amazing trips and experiences I have to post!


Christmas Song of the Day: BING CROSBY - WHITE CHRISTMAS

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