BLOGMAS DAY 14: Christmas Parties!

I honestly think this is the funniest group photo I've seen, it's also a group picture that I think accurately depicts all those in it! HAHA! One of my favourite parts of Christmas as previously mentioned is the Christmas get-togethers, so of course with this party we had yesterday I could not go another day without putting it into BLOGMAS! At the American Academy of Dramatic Arts we are organised into small classes of 14 - 16 and you have classes together everyday, I was honestly so lucky this year to be blessed with a section of such wonderful people. We've had classes together everyday since August and it has just been absolutely incredible. All of us being incredibly supportive and encouraging without any extra drama or added pressure of impressing each other. I've honestly loved every moment. SO, this party, hosted by the wonderful Jessica Hannah Fraser was a party of festive celebration, goodbyes and a celebration of such a wonderful year. Unfortunately because of schedule conflicts and last minute work in the final week of this semester, not everyone could be there, but Jess was so wonderful enough to make sure everyone got a Christmas card! So sweet! 

The plan was on Tuesday afternoon to gather at Jess' house for some festive fun and some mulled wine. We walked in and the whole apartment smelt like Christmas, it was perfect. Also as a really cute Christmas decoration Jess had attached the Christmas cards for everyone to a string and taped it up on the walls, so Pinterest haha! And of course we got lots of treats in from Trader Joes. And as a perfect little addition of a winter warmer, Jess roasted some red & sweet potatoes with butternut squash finishing off with some spices. I genuinely sat around the roasting dish with a fork for a solid 30 minutes. It is the following day as I write up this BLOGMAS and I feel like a human potato.  

The best part of the evening for me is when everyone arrives and what is so funny about our little group is everytime someone walked in it was as if we hadn't seen each other for years hahaha! I think you can tell that we go to drama school... It was just such a great evening. Of course the best thing about Christmas parties particularly the ones I had growing up is the CHRISTMAS PARTY GAMES! To bring a bit of Britain to the party I decided to do a Christmas Pub Quiz, it's actually so funny to watch every work out the answers to general knowledge questions, I mean at Christmas there is nothing wrong with a bit of healthy competition. After the quiz team "Paul Meirey Christmas" containing Juan, Jess, Tom, Jane and Gino won we played the game Heads Up. Oh my goodness if you havent heard of this game at this point I urge you to go to your smartphones app store and download it. It is worth every penny. It's essentially charades but you can watch it back and laugh at everyone acting out what is on your forehead. SO SO funny. Especially when there is wine involved and 8 crazy actors...

Can we talk about the picture of Kimmy & Jane for a second (the third photo in this stack) I think I laughed at it for about 10 minutes. Gah this whole blogpost just warms my heart, and this is really one of the major reasons I started NevNYC. I'm so thankful for these guys and to have a post like this that I can look back on is just awesome! The picture of Nico (the fourth photo) is after he spilled mulled wine on my MacBook, thats what I get for blogging/being quizmaster during a Christmas shindig!

To round off an incredible evening we went up to the roof of Jess's apartment and just looked out over the city and gabbed away to one another. I know, it sounds like the final episode of Glee or some TV show that the average American would probably stop watching after the Pilot. But it was really a great ending to a perfect semester with each of these guys. And I am so so thankful for each and every one of them: Jessica Hannah Fraser, Candela Villero, Tiffany Peach, Nico Piccardo, Jordan Fassina, Skyler Harmon, Dionne van den Berg, Juan Delgado, Tom Chandler, Kimmy Dunn, Jane Logan, Flo van Hove, Rytis Valiunas, Valentina Moquette and Adam Evans Giannone. Love you guys!


Christmas Song of the Day - SANTA TELL ME - ARIANA GRANDE

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