BLOGMAS DAY 15: Last Day of Class!

Wandering to school this morning with my friend Constanza/Consuelita whilst snow was being thrown down from the skies really was a perfect start to my last day of the semester. This week has been absolutely manic, I wish you guys had seen the way I have been about making sure a BLOGMAS is released each day. Although I had conveniently planned and written most of my blog posts, this week was the week I had stupidly left some blanks for me to fill and when I say I have been so crazy, I mean it!! But here I am! I cannot believe that it is already time to break up for Christmas! The final week of semester here was also FINALS week. I've had an insane week of auditions, final scene showcases and tonight I have my final Musical Theatre show. ALL. SYSTEMS. ARE. GO. 

I'm sat typing this up in my work office as we round things off for in Acting. I jut presented my scenes in Acting and I'm so glad with how it went. A great end to an emotional rollercoaster of a class. 

Christmas here at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts is a combination of finals stress and festive cheer. Yesterday during our final week of Christmas we had our Annual Student Christmas Lunch alongside the 3rd Year Company putting on their show which is essentially a roast of all the faculty at school. They all dressed up as different staff members and then put on a video that they had filmed previously. So much fun. Afterwards everyone heads out to the lobby to grab some lunch, which is essentially a mad rush for the Grilled Chicken Subway Sandwich and the last iced biscuit! 

How cute and festive! It was so nice to have this little afternoon with everyone but then as everyone ran off to go rehearse for our finals, the stress resumed! Now I am sat getting ready for our performance tonight. I have been blessed with such an amazing group of people and such awesome teachers. I really feel like I've grown so much as a performer and even as a person. I hope everyone has an awesome Christmas and New Year! Followed by my last evening with Gino before he heads to Boston for Christmas...don't worry though, you'll see him sooner than you think! Stay tuned for tomorrows blog post as I have something fun planned! 



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