BLOGMAS DAY 16: New York in December Part 2

Just as I promised, I'm finally uploading Part 2 of my December in New York series! It really was one of my favourite blogs to shoot this year as it was just the perfect evening with G around the city. One thing I really want to do next week is to maybe do half the amount of blogs I did this year! I feel like I had so much less time to get out and about and see different parts of New York that I wanted to. But on the positive side of things I was able to get out and about with BLOGMAS and I have loved seeing everyones responses! One thing that has been really great is that this has been mine and Gino's first Christmas/December together and I think from BLOGMAS he has really been able to grasp what a pedestal I put it on! And I just want to thank him for being such a good sport as I ram Christmas down his throat! Literally...

So without further ado...its December in New York Part 2!

Bergdorf Goodman - 58th Street & Fifth Avenue


One place that is my absolute favourite place to visit is Bergdorf Goodman. You can't help but enter into the department store and be absolutely blown away by the beautiful pieces around you! If you have ever watched "Scatter my Ashes at Bergorf's" a documentary on the department stores history, its prominence in the fashion industry and the way their windows are designed, you will be fascinated by the time it takes to design their Christmas window displays. After visiting last year, you can see why! Their windows are absolutely beautiful. Teamed up with intricate details paired with high end, beautiful fashions, I mean you cant go wrong really! 

Reminiscent of the "Emerald City" in the Wizard of Oz this years theme is "Destination Extraordinary" and as you pass each window you are transported to a different world. I swear Gino and I stared at each window for about 10 minutes there is just so much to take in. I highly recommend watching the documentary as you can really see how much detail goes in to designing each window and how long it takes! Even the foliage frame was just exquisite!

If you find yourself wandering up 5th Avenue, be sure to head right up to the corner of Central Park so you can check out their wonderful windows. Right up this end you will also find the Plaza Hotel which makes for the perfect place to grab a bite to eat in the Plaza Food Hall and then wander through the hotel lobby and pretend you're Kevin McCallister from Home Alone 2: Lost in New York City!

Rockefeller Christmas Tree & Plaza - 45 Rockefeller Plaza


I mean...does this place need introducing?! Probably the most Christmassy area of New York City is the Rockefeller Plaza's Christmas Tree, the biggest in New York City. You can't help but be completely carried away by the festive magic as you turn the corner into the plaza. Even though this area is packed full of tourists wanting to get the picture by the tree or who are facing the other way watching the light show at Saks Fifth Avenue, it is well worth the crowds as it is the pinnacle of all things Christmas here in New York City1

All the way along the path down to the center of the plaza are long fountains decorated in silver and gold baubles reflecting the surrounding lights. You can pop into the stores along the way or even ice skate down in the center of the plaza itself! My Uncles Joey & Tom say their tradition every year is to get a champagne truffle from Teuscher Chocolates and toast to the holidays! So sweet! Gino and I decided to snap a selfie from across the road in front of Saks Fifth Avenue as down in the plaza there is scarce room to move let alone take a photo!

As you wonder around New York City you will notice lots of other decorations like these huge candy canes, so if you find yourself in New York over December, I cannot recommend enough, visiting all the main Christmas attractions but also to wander around the streets of New York and see what else there is to find! You might just find some festive magic for yourself! I really hope you have all enjoyed this little two part series as much as Gino and I enjoyed shooting it for you all! 


Christmas Song of the Day: 2000 MILES - THE PRETENDERS

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