BLOGMAS DAY 17: Roommate Pranks & A Winter Wonderland

This wintery scene is what I woke up to this morning! Wow! I mean it is like a cherry on top of an amazing December in New York. However as I am flying tonight my excitement was somewhat tinged with anxiety as I hit "refresh" on my flight status for later on in the evening. It is so funny to me the mindset I go into before I flight. But I'll touch more on that tomorrow after I have flown! We had been aware of the snow hitting on Saturday morning all week but I didn't realise I would be waking up in a Winter Wonderland! It has actually been so so nice to have some snow falling in December, something that is very rare back at home!

Of course a snowy morning means a mini-adventure to get breakfast with everyone who was left to fly home from the apartments! 

Last night I tried to really relax and chill myself out before flying tonight. I spent quite a long time packing whilst watching Gilmore Girls, I mean it is the PERFECT show to watch when you need to chill out/relax! So as I was catching up on that I went through everything I think I will need for my trip back to England. Packing to go home for Christmas break is so hard however! Not only am I having to think ahead to when Gino arrives but also the weather in England can fluctuate from mild to sub-zero so it's like packing for multiple trips. I think I managed it in the end! Well....we will see won't we! 

For the past 17 days I have been posting a song each week on my Mum's Facebook profile to count down my coming home. And of course today there was only one song I could post....yep you guessed it "Driving Home for Christmas" - Chris Rea! Since Faye, my sister and I moved away it is absolutely a favourite in the Neville household as it kicks of true Christmas time when we are all home together!

Last night wasn't all plain sailing however as my roommates decided it was the perfect time to play a little trick on me! I came home from running errands in the city to find an old photo of a man or woman in what looks like a park ranger uniform. Obviously confused I asked my roommates if it was theirs and they all replied "no.". Anyway I brushed it off as I was nervous enough for the flight let alone a ghost leaving photographs around the house! Later on I'm sat emptying a suitcase of my things from Gino's apartment when I find another photograph. This time of a couple getting married with Hungarian writing on the back of it. Again confused I ask my roommates if it is theirs and at this point we're all a little freaked out but immediately after this discovery I find a picture of a cabin in Montana under my bed. Well at this point I started to realise someone was having me on but my roommates wouldn't cave. After about 30 minutes of confusion and hunting for more eerie photos I finally managed to work out that my roommate IAN had done it!!! Using photos he had kept from a scene he had done in Acting class he thought it would be funny to wind me up! The little sh*t! I mean look at them!

However I think toward the end my roommate Finty was more scared than anyone as she was going to be in the apartment alone for a few days before flying out! HAHA! In fairness it actually distracted me from my nervous flying thoughts and I ended up having quite a good nights sleep! Now after watching "The Santa Clause", catching up on some VLOGMAS and sipping on a Peppermint Mocha I think I am fully ready and excited to fly home tonight! See you in the morning England!!


Christmas Song of the Day: DO THEY KNOW ITS CHRISTMAS - BAND AID 1984

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