BLOGMAS DAY 19: Home for the Holidays!

In today's post I thought that I would share with you all, some of the decorations we have here at the Neville household! Today I have been in a near catatonic state of jet lag and it has been so nice to have a cosy evening with the family! 

I mean how could I not feel festive around this house!! Also I think you guys can see where I get my complete and utter love for Christmas from...either that OR my parents have definitely felt some sort of pressure from my BLOGMAS posts!! Today we actually did venture out of the house and head along to the town centre of County Durham to run some quick errands, but it was so nice to get home and go AHHHHHHHH <3! My Dad actually made the small bauble Christmas tree and the bauble wreath, talented chap that he is! I love that my parents have actually tied in the colours of the wreath, fireplace garland, tree and Christmas tree decorations! 

So nice to be around my family at Christmas time! And of course our little dog Mac! This time when coming home I decided to not make SO many plans as I did last year so I could really enjoy being home, and I feel so relaxed about it. Especially since Gino will be joining me next week on the 27th and we have SO much planned!

There are so many things that I love about our family Christmas tree. One of them being that it is actually an artificial tree, for the past almost 12 year we have had the same tree, it smells and looks the same, and it really feels like ours! Each year we add decorations to it, although this year I actually left the decorations Faye and I bought, back in New York! What a fool! However it is so nice to come home to see the different decorations we have collected throughout the years, from various significant dates and places we have visited! 

The perfect end to my first night back at home was a cheeky gin & tonic with some takeout Indian food! Possibly the opposite to festive food but damn it was good! Gah, I have been so excited about having a nice evening sat around the dinner table with my family! SO SO happy. Faye & I actually received our first Christmas present today and will be doing it be sure to check out BLOGMAS DAY 20!!


Christmas Song of the Day: HAPPY XMAS (WAR IS OVER) - JOHN LENNON 

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