BLOGMAS DAY 20: Pre-Christmas Relaxation at Ramside Hall!

I can't believe that only a few BLOGMAS post's ago I was talking about the absolute manic and crazy state of my schedule in the run up to the end of the semester and here I am after a relaxing afternoon at a spa in a hotel near our house! I am incredibly thankful for my parents for doing something so wonderful as a Christmas present. It really was absolute bliss!!!! For weeks now Mum & Dad have told Faye & I to keep Tuesday the 20th of December free as we would be having a family day, however when they told us this we did not realise that this was what they had in mind! Mum came into the living room on Monday with a wrapped gift for Faye & I to open and it was a brochure for the Spa! So so cute! 

One thing that is really great about the local spa's here in the North East of England is that they doing different length spa access sessions. What we had was a 4-hour spa access followed by a 2-course meal in the restaurant. Within that you can chose food from a set menu and you can also pick when you want to dine! We chose to eat after our spa session, which I highly recommend!!! Ramside Hall is a new spa at a local hotel and golf club near my home here in County Durham. My parents had previously been to check out the new facilities and were so excited to take us. I couldn't believe all of this is right on our doorstep! As you arrive you a greeted graciously by the spa staff who explain how the session will run as well as explaining where everything is. You're also greeted with a freshly made smoothie! Lush! Everyone is given a fresh clean robe and access to unlimited towels and your own locker, perfect for relaxing and not worrying about all the little things. 

The spa facilities are huge! Not only is there a 25ft pool but there is also a separate room containing a hydro-pool, sauna, salt steam room, sun lounges, sleeper beds, I mean the list goes on and on. At first I was like an over-excited puppy with so much to do, I'm probably the worst person to be with you whilst you are trying to have a spa experience. I actually found it hard to just CHILL. OUT. And I mean if I can't chill out in a spa then I'm not sure when I can. Don't worry I did towards the end. There are so many nice touches in the spa itself, you have fruit and infused water at your disposal as well as "Poolside Butlers" on hand if you want a special cocktail ordering. Whilst we were sat down one of them came around with Hoisin Duck Wrap's from their Fusion restaurant, a lovely little bite to eat whilst relaxing by the pool.

Look at that...a nice wholesome family Christmas picture in an outdoor hot-tub in December. LOL. I highly recommend braving it out to the outdoor hot-tub which is heated at a lovely 37 degrees celsius. Just make sure you strategically lay out your dressing gown so you can get back inside the spa itself in the quickest time without freezing to death!

After getting all ready for dinner in the changing rooms we went on through to the Fusion Dining room and had our lovely dinner. It was just the right amount to dust off the perfect afternoon! If you are thinking of checking out a spa experience package I would definitely recommend checking out the Ramside Hall Spa website page for regular offers and discounts that they offer! A lovely lovely, relaxing afternoon with the family! 



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