BLOGMAS DAY 21: Last Minute Christmas

Now although I have been enforcing BLOGMAS onto everyone's social media homefeeds for the last 21 days, I know that not everyone is into Christmas as much as I am. However, Gino doesn't need to know this  ;). I have however seen a few people who do in fact love Christmas write things such as "I don't even feel Christmassy yet" or "Christmas is this weekend and I haven't done anything remotely Christmassy", well don't worry in this last-minute Christmas Guide I will be giving you plenty of suggestions to do within the next 4 days to get you right into the Christmas and festive spirit! 

This first suggestion I know you may be like...what? But online you can find all sorts of inspiration to get you right into the festive spirit! Over on YouTube you have many a YouTuber doing "VLOGMAS" which is a video diary a day from the 1st to the 24th of December! For the past three years I have watched so many different VLOGMAS' and they honestly make me feel SOOOO Christmassy! Here are a few you should most-definitely check out!

Zoella - VLOGMAS 2016

The Anna Edit - 4 Weeks of VLOGMAS

SACCONEJOLY's - Daily Vlog Channel

Jasmine Rossol - Christmas Videos 

If watching YouTube isn't your thing then there is plenty blogs you can get your Christmas inspiration from, whether you are looking for recipes, homeware inspiration, decoration ideas or gift guides!

BONJOURLUCE - One of my all time favourite bloggers with a beautiful website dedicated to making your life that little bit more wonderful. This Christmas Lucy has made the perfect Gift Guide after having tried the products out herself. It really is the perfect way to recommend gifts to us readers and I completely trust her opinion! Check her out, you will not be disappointed!

WISHWISHWISH - Carrie over on WISHWISHWISH has the perfect Christmassy Day Out recommendations alongside some cheeky Christmas DIY posts, I highly suggest checking out her website for the perfect Instagram feed and some posts that you can't help but want to read and then try out yourself!

THEANNAEDIT - Okay so I know that essentially this blogpost is turning into an expression of love for Anna and her posts however I really feel Anna grasps what Christmas really is about, good ol' festive fun. Check out her gift guides, vlogs and recipes for the perfect lazy Christmas day in at home! I'm currently sat drooling at these orange cookies!



Okay everyone knows that a sure-fire way to feel Christmassy is to whack on a Christmas classic! To go even further why not go down to your local newsagents at pick up the Christmas Radio Times, in there you can scroll through the TV listings for Christmas and I can guarantee you will be able to find at least one of your favourites! If not, here are 5 Christmas films that are well in my TOP 10 Christmas Films:


This for me makes Christmas so special and I am loving getting all my catch-up plans in order now that I am home! Organise a little Christmas Dinner with your friends, you can either head out to a bar or restaurant or have a little cook-out at one of their houses! Before leaving New York I had so much fun with friends at Jess's house we all just brought booze and some nibbles and had a grand old time! 


I know one place that completely kills my buzz for Christmas, although I know for some people, it makes Christmas, but that is shopping centres. There is nothing like a bustling crowd pushing and shoving around all the stores to try and grab last minutes gifts and presents. Why not try online shopping, around this time of year a lot of online stores will do great shipping and returns offers and you can check out many gift guides to find that perfect gift for that special someone! Check out my BLOGMAS 2016 Gift Guide!


I love nothing more than a house that smells of good home cooking and baking. To get yourself in the festive mood why not organise a baking day with family, friends or even on your own. Nothing gets your more festively frustrated than attempting a gingerbread house! 


You're just not into forced festive fun! And that's okay! I'm someone who loves making the whole month a big massive celebration of the year, but I know plenty of people who just enjoy having Christmas Day itself to sit back, relax and enjoy the day off! However you celebrate, enjoy yourself!

I hope you all have a wonderful last few days in this run-up to Christmas!


Christmas Song of the Day: SLEIGH RIDE - ELLA FITZGERALD

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