BLOGMAS DAY 23: 10 Perfect Christmas Day Games!

One of my favourite things about Christmas Day is the Christmas party games and board games! There is nothing like a bit of healthy competition after lunch! Usually with full stomachs after everyone has had a nap, and copious amounts of champagne, we crack open the board games! Usually there is a board game that is the new hit of that year and Mum or our neighbour Debi cracks it out on game night! But one thing I have also loved doing in recent years is PARTY GAMES! Nothing is funnier than when everyone is a bit squiffier after one to many gin & tonics, than playing party games! If this is something you havent seen or you are looking for a new one to play this year I thought I would round up some of my favourites I've seen or played! 

1. Antler-Swing
This one we played last year and it was honestly one of the funniest games I've played at a party all you need is:

4 Tennis Balls
2 Pairs of tights
1 Bottle

You're going to want to put a tennis ball in the end of the foot of each pairs of tights. Place the bottle on the floor in between two people standing behind a line that is equal distance from the bottle. Each person places the tights on their head using the waistband, leaving the tennis balls in the tights hanging side by side. With hands behind your back your aim is to knock over the bottle with the tennis balls!

2. Malteaser Run
This one is a game that was hilarious watching people participate in! My friend Carly last year uploaded videos to Facebook of her Grandad playing and it was hilarious!
All you need to play is:

A handful of Malteasers or any candy in the shape of a ball
1 tape measure

Any number of people can play this game but all you need to do is to have two people holding each end of the tape measure. The person holding the beginning of the tape measure wants to hold the end up to their mouth whilst the person holding the tape measure holder end is to roll a malteaser down the tapemeasure into the other person mouth. The aim is to get the malteaser into the recipients mouth without it fall off of the tapemeasure itself. Whoever can do this successfully with the longest distance of tapemeasure, wins!

3. Poop the Potato!
This game I haven't actually seen before apart from on a video that went viral this year! All you need is:

2 teams
1 potato per player
2 buckets

After splitting the teams, place a bucket at equal distance on the opposite end of the room to each team. Each player places the potato between their thighs! The aim is to drop the potato into the bucket at the otherside of the room without using their hands. Hands may only be used to readjust the potato if it is falling! Whichever team gets all their potatoes in the bucket first, wins!

4. Forfeit Pass the Parcel
A British childrens party classic but made funner with this addition! All you need is:

1 parcel wrapped more than 6 times (the more layers of wrapping, the longer the game)

Everyone is to sit in a circle and with one person overseeing whilst also being the DJ. The DJ plays music and everyone begins to pass around the parcel. Once the DJ stops, whoever has the parcel must unwrap one layer of the wrapping. You do this until the prize in the middle has been opened. To make it more fun, you can add a forfeit to each layer, make it festive by putting things like, "Must eat a spoonful of mint sauce", "Make a whipped cream beard on their own face" etc, you can really have fun with this game! Instead of forfeits you can add a little prize with each layer, the possibilities are endless!

5. Who Am I?
I LOVE this game, although it can be a long one!
All you need is:

A sticky note per player
Additional cellotape if needed

Each player must write a character/celebrity/significant figure down on a sticky note and stick it to the forehead of the person sitting to their right. Make sure that they aren't able to see who you have written! Use additional cellotape or medical tape to stick down the sticky note. Once everyone has someone written on their head, everyone must roll a dice. Whoever rolls double goes first and they are able to ask the rest of the group questions in order to guess who they have on their forehead. The aim is too guess correctly. However the questions must only be responded with yes or no. For instance they cannot be "Is the person male or female?" but instead you could ask "Is the person female" to which everyone must respond with yes or no. And so on. Whoever guesses correctly first, wins!

The next five games are board games that I highly recommend playing on Christmas Day if you have them! Warning: Cards Against Humanity is recommended for 17+  

I hope this post helped in planning what festive fun you and your family might get up to on Christmas Day! I highly recommend any of the games above for some fun and games! If you have any recommendations I would love to hear what games your guys play by commenting on the blogpost or by sending me a message on social media! Or if you play any of the games above a little bit differently, let me know!!! If you play any of the games above please tag me your images and videos on social media at @nevnyc or by using the hashtag #nevnyc as I would LOVE to see them!

Check back tomorrow for the FINAL BLOGMAS post! I cannot believe tomorrow will be the last one!!!!



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