BLOGMAS DAY 24: 'Twas the Night Before Christmas...

Well here we are, the final post of BLOGMAS 2016, but we all know what that means...CHRISTMAS EVE! I feel like this day is almost as good as if not better than Christmas Day itself! I love that moment when everyone comes in from work/visiting people and knows that finally, everyone is home together with nothing to do but spend time together! AMAZING! After a few wonderful days of visiting various friends and family in Newcastle and Durham, it is so nice to have had such great times seeing everyone and now to just spend time at home, very very heartwarming! Mum has finished work, Dad is continuing to cook up a storm and Faye is still in her spot on the sofa and as I sit here typing up the final BLOGMAS I can't help but feel overwhelmed with festive feelings and joy! 

Mum just did one of her fabulous Christmas Eve traditions of letting us open our new Christmas pyjamas in time for dinner and watching a Christmas film! I just love this cosy little tradition each year and there is nothing better than all sat with a drink in hand whilst watching a festive film! This years choice is "The Muppets Christmas Carol" I mean, does it get more Christmassy that that?! I love the smell of the house this year! My Dad has been cooking up a storm for the past two days and there is a wonderful concoction of gingerbread and roast dinner as we get some bits and pieces to eat this evening! 

As I sit here, gin & tonic in had, surrounded by family and wonderful decorations for Christmas I just want to say a HUGE thank you for taking the time to read my NevNYC BLOGMAS posts for the past month! I couldn't have done this without you all and hearing how much you enjoy them has only encouraged me to do these everyday! It has been such a difficult but fun challenge to get a blog post up everyday but it has only made me even more excited for this Christmas! I can't believe how fast it has gone! I will be back before the New Year to do a final blogpost of 2016 but in the meantime I hope tonight you are with loved ones, celebrating your life and all those that are in it. I hope you take time to relax, and be in the present. I hope you take time to reflect upon and look forward toward. And most importantly I hope that you have a wonderful and magical Christmas!

"Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a goodnight!"

I had to finish off my "Christmas Song of the Day" section with my favourite Christmas song of all time...
Christmas Song of the Day: THE CHRISTMAS SONG - NAT KING COLE

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