BLOGMAS DAY 10: A Wintery Commute & Catch Up

How amazing is that picture?! Taken on the iPhone 6s Plus as well! 

How is everyone?! I hope you ar eall enjoying BLOGMAS as much as I am making them and sharing them with you all. For today's BLOGMAS I had not previously made a plan as I had decided to leave gaps for blogs to be written during December itself etc. etc. Last night I took some time in getting home to the apartment after an insane week in university and I thought today would be a great day to catch up on how my first full week of December was! 

First of all I have to absolutely give a huge amount of credit to everyone who daily vlogs or blogs, it is actually immense the amount of work that goes into ensuring that a blog post is published. I always used to find it hard to hear a social media content creator complain about the self-inflicted pressure of actually providing content, however 10 days into daily uploads I can safely vouch for their moments of despair. The following image is of me writing up the Holiday Gift Guide, tell me I don't look absolutely haggard/exhausted...

However tired or not tired, how amazing is Gino's Santa cup from Target! Everytime I stay at his I refuse to drink out of anything else. At the moment in school we are preparing for the end of semester showcases and final assessments in Acting, On-Camera Technique and Musical Theatre. I can't begin to tell you how crazy my schedule feels at the moment alongside work and BLOGMAS. Of course much like I addressed in a blog post entitled "Why Do I Do This?" back in July, I am not shy toward the fact that some people could easily say "no one is asking you to blog" or "you don't have to take it so seriously" etc. But for me it is so much more than that, I get to look back at past blogposts and check in with my former self. More importantly it has enabled me to meet a lot of really great people. I'm so thankful to Amara for sharing her camera with me and I'm so thankful for Gino to just jump willingly behind the camera for me. This is definitely not a one person job but that is why I love BLOGMAS so much, it feels like a gift almost. 

Last night I decided to take a bit of extra time to wander home, even though it was freezing cold! And I can't tell you how nice it was to just stroll around the city on a wintery evening. I hadn't yet gotten the chance to see what decorations they had put up around Madison Square Park. In fact I hadn't actually been down to Madison Square Park since I filmed my short film with Jessica back in November. However it is safe to say the park has an extra element of magic with its beautiful tree in the centre of the fountain (main blog image). 

The whole Flat Iron District is glowing with fairy lights and festive magic. At the moment, right in front of the Flat Iron Building itself they have a light and art installation of hammocks! There is a short line to experience lying down in one whilst looking up at the Empire State Building but it looks so so cool to try out and makes for a great photo experience, just be sure to wrap up warm! The view of the Empire State Building as you look up 5th Avenue still gets me every time I walk passed this area. It is around this area and Madison Square Park where I was filled with emotions about leaving New York almost 4 years ago. I had such a strong pull to stay or live here and being here now at my favourite time of year is something I can never full comprehend!

One thing I absolutely love about this time of year is that it brings people together to celebrate! Through busy schedules and separate classes I have not seen my old roommate Wyatt as much as I did in the past (every single day). But this week we were able to catch up with friends after watching a Company show at school and it was just the best time! I think everyone agrees that catching up with friends and having it feel as if you only saw them yesterday is just the most reassuring feeling! 

I feel as if this blog is very much like my regular pre-December blog posts where there is not really any goal or objective but I'm glad I left little gaps in my blog post schedule for posts like these as I get to sit down and catch up with you all! I hope you are all having a wonderful December and that now, as we are around the 10th December, have started to get yourselves ready for the 25th!



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