Everyday Essentials: Kiehls Trio

Living, working and studying in New York City can be a LOT, and it shows! Keeping yourself together is like greasing up a machine. It takes maintenance in order to stay hydrated, energised, focused and active. It is extremely easy to feel run down or under the weather, and you can easily forget your old routines. You may not have time for a healthy-breakfast alternative and find it's quicker to grab that onion bagel from the Deli next door. You may find you're too tired to jump in the shower before bed or fit in that nighttime facial cleanse routine, instead, collapsing on the bed as soon as you walk in from your day. That's why I find it some much easier to have certain things in my bag everyday to make sure that I run like an efficient and well-oiled machine. I'm going to be posting blogs in the next few weeks that add to my "Everyday Essentials". I figured it would be more helpful to break up everything I use into different posts that cram everything into one! 

Everyday Essentials: Kiehls Trio

These three items I have carried with me for the past 5 month. I was actually gifted my first trio back in January and have had to re-stock! I keep them with me in my backpack or hold-all within a pouch (alongside other products), meaning I can just switch out my daily essentials whichever and whenever I choose.

1. Kiehls Lip BALM #1 in Mango

I've found this particular lip balm to be so beneficial to me. Usually with any sort of lip balm or lip treatment I'm left with greasy feeling lips instead of hydrated. And when using EOS lipbalms I've even found that they leave my lips feeling dryer, needing regular and more consistent application. With the Kiehls Lipbalms this is NOT the case. Generous application leaves my lips feeling gently moisturised without that greasy feeling and incredibly long-lasting. You can opt for five different scents/flavours; pear, mint, cranberry, mango or their scent-less balm. I was kindly gifted the original Mango and re-stocked in the same scent however next I'll be trying the Mint (my favourite scent).

2. Kiehls Ultimate Strength Hand-Salve

I feel like I have been trying to find the perfect hand cream for YEARS. When studying in an active environment and even working in an office I've found my hands to be dry and course. Several weaker hand creams were helping but would again require more frequent and consistent application in order to really see or feel any change. I had been told to try this one for ages and when I got it, I was hooked. Super easy to apply and again doesn't leave your hands feeling greasy or slimey. At worst I'll apply this twice a day as it really does give my hands a hydrated and smooth feel to it. I swear by this product and if anyone asks me which hand cream I recommend I will always offer out this one. Application once or twice a day for a week will see great results. 

3. Kiehls Creme de Corps

A Kiehls favourite for the bast 40 years is their Creme de Corps. I feel like body moisturising is something that I put on a back burner. It's not really a part of my daily routine and can find the act quite monotonous. There's something about applying a cream across my whole body that reminds me of being 9 years old on the beach and needing more sun screen on. I HATED it. Then I discovered Sephora's Super Supreme Body Butter which I used for a few years. I think I continued to use it because of its scent however like regular body butter's it required thorough and frequent application. Creme de Corps is quite simply the opposite, its smooth texture allows for quick absorption, meaning I'm not stood for minutes on end waiting for it to dry. It doesn't leave me feeling greasy at all and the scent leaves me feeling fresh and hydrated. Having a mini version meant that post-Florida sun-burn could be treated on the move and it then became part of my routine to apply it daily, morning and night. 

Do any of you guys have a favourite Kiehls product? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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