Life as a "Bad Flyer"

Okay. There could be many outcomes from this blog as the state of exhaustion I am currently in. Part of this blog I hand wrote whilst on the plane, last night/this morning, during a previous state of exhaustion. Lord only knows if it makes any sense.

Why am I such a bad flyer?! You know, after two successful flights home and back at Christmas, I had managed to convince myself that I was getting better and better at flying! WRONG. I mean I guess I'm not the worst flyer, I mean I'm not doing an out-loud-panic scene like Kristen Wiig in Bridesmaids. Well, not externally anyway. My mind likes to play a little game of "worst case scenario", where I think of the worst possible situation or outcome and then anything that happens is better than I've imagined. Makes no sense and is really stupid but it usually helps! This time for some reason I had completely wound myself up about the flight. 

Normally I have a bunch of facts or advice I've been told throughout the years to help me get through the flight. A kind of internal dialogue of reassurance if you like. Here are some of the points:

1) "If the flight attendants don't look worried, then you don't need to be worried"
This is probably one of the most common facts that everyone uses to feel more comfortable on flight. The pessimist in me says "yeah but they're TRAINED to look calm in even the most severe of situations", but still it does reassure me. Even if it does mean locking eyes with the flight attendance for the duration of a 9 hour flight like some psycho. 

P.S As I write this the flight attendant does not look worried and has just sold a bottle of Hug Boss to the couple in Row 52. 

2) "Think about how many commercial flights there are in one day"
Before I flew home at Christmas, I saw a video that mapped out all of the commercial flights leaving airports in England in one day which happened to be a lot more than I had imagined!

3) My Uncle flies so frequently that he said "its like taking the bus"
I think ever since I was little this has reassured me the most. I remember back in 2010 he showed me his collection of plane tickets that he had collected over the years and it was HUGE. I like to think that 6 years later, he has a second or third stack of flight tickets and I think to myself this "one flight home every 6 months isnt TOO bad". 

4) This is probably the saddest thing I do HAHA, but when I'm watching the movies on the in-flight entertainment, I remind myself that some of the actors have probably had to fly to some shooting locations.
Now, YES this is really really sad. But there is some comfort in knowing that they have all had to fly to their shooting locations. I mean probably not in Economy with Virgin Atlantic but you get what I mean. I remember watching Mad Max on a flight and feeling real comfort in knowing that Charlize Theron didn't live on the desert therefore had to travel there somehow. 

5) I plan what I'm doing at my destination
This one I do when we get down to the final 3 hours of the flight and seems to make the flight flash by. 

Writing all this out really helped in me chilling me out during the flight. But why do we do this to ourselves, still, after years and years and years of flying. I mean I guess when it comes down to it you're in a floating tin-can 37,000 feet in the air...with a bunch of strangers...and somebody could open the door at any moment. STOP IT. Okay I'm going to watch "Adele: Live in London" to chill me the F**K out.

Note: Adele completely chilled me out and was asked if I could stop "whisper singing" out loud as people were trying to sleep...oops. 

I cant be the only bad flyer! Let me know what chills you out, if you are, in the comments below!

I am currently typing this up AT HOME! It's so nice to see the Nev's and I'm so so glad I got to see my dad on Father's Day. After popping into Tesco (our local supermarket) to get me some coffee (I'm on cup number 6 in the past 12 hours) I came home to the smell of a roast dinner in the oven, ready for the grandparents arrivals. IDEAL. I'm really looking forward to some down time with the family over the next two weeks and have lots planned to see everyone and even some time to squeeze in a little trip to London. I say, bring it on!!!

Of course, it wouldn't be a proper Sunday without Grandad falling asleep in the conservatory! Sunday bliss!

Happy Sunday Everyone!

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