We Survived Our First Night

Here's a little sneak attack Friday post to make up for not posting on Wednesday 1st June! 

We did it. We moved from Midtown Manhattan to Clinton Hill in Brooklyn. I have to say that this week has possibly been the most stressful week thus far. As far as transitioning from “teenager” Luke to “adult” Luke goes, it has been a relatively breezy journey. However organising movers, packing, utilities etc. in one of the world’s biggest cities, without my parents, has been a real “adult” slap in the tits. But, we did it!

I didn’t think organising movers would be so crazy. Like I said in a previous post, there are 5 of us now living in Clinton Hill, and with 2 of the 5 back in their hometowns, 3 of us were moving everything into the new apartment. Now the stuff we had to move was such an awkward amount. It wasn’t enough for a full truck, but it was way too much for a 1 or 2 car trips, a real obstacle when it came to organising movers. We actually hadn’t realised the extent of how much stuff we had until mid-last week as we all began boxing everything up. Booking movers close to move in day + awkward amount of boxes + student budgets = HELP! I hadn’t felt so far away from home than on Tuesday, the day before the move, when I called my parents. I thought to myself, even if I asked my parents for help, there isn’t much they could do from 3,500 miles away (they would always help me if I asked of course). I then thought to myself f**k. I have to work it out on my own…I have to be AN ADULT. Depressing, depressing, blah blah blah.

Anyway we eventually got everything sorted and it was fine! **Pats self on back**. Ian called a company called "thatmanwiththevan", they gave us a really great quote and were such nice guys. Thank goodness, we were all sorted and ready for our move. On the day they pulled up 2 hours late - never mind, any help at all we were thankful for.  However the large van/car looked like it could possible for a mattress, a suitcase and a box of kitchen stuff in it. But the guys, Eugene and Skip (these are not made up) managed to get a good portion of our things in it. They're either really great at Tetris or we didn't have as much stuff as we thought. The bags and suitcases that didn't fit I took with me in an Uber XL, and we had THE best driver ever, Riki. Considering the lateness has set the whole day back, right smack-bang in the middle of rush hour, we made good timing. The usual 25 minute drive took around 45 minutes and when we arrived, Eugene and Skip had already unloaded the van into our new lobby and were shipping them upstairs. PERFECT! The whole thing was relatively seamless and stress free. I have to say a massive thank you to our fellow classmate Naz who helped the whole operation run smoothly. Mainly because Ian, Finty and I are CRAP at heavy lifting, so thank you thank you thank you! 

We were all so happy to have all the stuff in the apartment! Now for the next obstacle...FURNITURE. With delivery costs our mattresses and beds weren't arriving til Thursday/Friday. SO we made a massive nest of duvets and pillows in the living room, naturally. I guess we're not FULLY adults yet! ;) 

When the apartment is all finished I'll do a little blog apartment tour post!

As NevNYC develops, the blog posts change as I really get into the website. I've tried to make the last few posts a lot more personal, about what I'm up to and my outlook on things. Let me know if you like this new direction. I will of course still do posts on specific spots in NYC but I'm trying to go with the flow in terms of content at the minute. Got it? Cool, thanks Mum ;)

Happy Friday guys, have a great weekend!

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