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I hadn't been to London in SO long! A perk of coming home is that most of my besties now live down in the London. From County Durham it takes around 3 hours to get to Kings Cross Station in London, luckily I booked my tickets earlier so avoided what can be an expensive ticket. On Friday 24th June I got the 6AM train down to London, a morning that was disrupted by the outcome of the recent EU Referendum. I won't even both to go down the route of another referendum rant, but I am very disappointed in the result! Anyway I was very lucky that it all happened on the morning I was heading down to London to see friends as I could keep away from social media for a couple days! My first stop was to meet my friend Lucy of BonjourLuce, one of my oldest friends, in Shoreditch. We organised a few weeks back to keep our Friday free so we could catch up and do some work together etc. After a mooch around the area we settled for a comfy spot on the sofas in The Hoxton Hotel, a beautiful contemporary hotel in the heart of Shoreditch, a stone throw from Old Street Station. We ate in the Hoxton Grill where I had the Halloumi and Avocado Burger (you all know my love for avocado) with a side of Sweet Potato Fries and an Iced Latte. It was divine! Such a great environment to catch up on some errands to do with NevNYC as well as sit and chill with one of my besties. It was so so great to see her Lucy! I highly recommend checking out her website!

I then nipped down to Kennington to hang out with my friend Jess. Jess lives out in NYC and goes to the same school as I do so it was so nice to reconnect and for her to show me around where she lives. We had such a gorgeous little stroll through Southbank at Sunset then went for food at Byron. Later we went for drinks at the local pub with some of her friends and it was so nice to just sit outside under the heater with booze and good company. My friendship with Jess is so great, and its crazy to think that we have only known each other for 9 months, I really feel like the shared experience of moving from the UK to US has really enabled us to connect really quickly. The following morning we both woke up rather hungover but I wasn't the one who had it bad, as Jess was heading off to Morocco!

On Saturday I ventured to meet my wifey Suzanne (Sooz) who I hadn't seen since last November when she came to visit NYC. It was so great to be reunited!!! Sooz currently works in the wigs department of Wicked, so with the busy 2-show Saturday we had arranged to see each other the Sunday and Monday, but kindly let me stay at hers both nights! During the day I got to see my bestie Maddy! Maddy and I had gone to the same drama school and stage school growing up, I would say its probably been the weirdest transition from seeing her everyday to seeing her every 6 months but it was so great to see her again!!! She kindly showed me around Clapham and we grabbed an ice cream even though it was POURING down with rain, and I mean pouring! That night was my friend Laura's 19th birthdays so we went out in Soho on Pride Day for a very messy night at Freedom! Lots and lots of giggles. After finally making it back Sooz's on the night bus, I was ready to sleep by 3AM! Sunday morning Sooz made pancakes and we sat in bed and caught up, it was so nice to just be able to chill with each other in our comfies and put the world to rights!! I then had one of the best restaurant experiences ever!!!!! Sooz and her boyfriend Dean had previously been to a restaurant in Covent Garden called Dishoom. An authentic Indian restaurant, they had one in Shoreditch so we ended up there. It was the BEST food I've had in a long long time at a restaurant. We had the Slow-Roasted Lamb Raan with Raita, Cheese Naan and Rice with an Espresso Martini for dessert! Cannot go wrong, and there was not a single fault with the service, the food or the atmosphere. We then went across towards BoxPark and pretty much stayed there til the end of the night having a few bevvies and Shish! 

Monday morning I said goodbye to Sooz (waaaaah :( ) and went to go meet Finty and Sarah from AADA! On Friday, Lucy and I had popped into Barber & Parlour originally for breakfast however they were experiencing an electricity fault so that's how we ended up going to The Hoxton. However Monday morning I'd arranged to again try and have breakfast at Barber & Parlour. Although we had missed the breakfast menu and instead had lunch, it did not disappoint! Finty and I shared Melted Camembert with Bread and Figs followed by Poached Egg with Avocado on Toast (Yep, more avocado!). It was so nice to catch up with Finty as we got to natter on about second year at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and it was so great to see Sarah as well as I had not seen her since she left the city! 


After breakfast I actually ended up going back to BoxPark to have a drink and a catch up with my friend Lucy who I went to university with which was so so nice. And FINALLY I got to see my little group of besties Anna, Maddy and Luke! When we all lived in the North East we would organise a night in, or dinner out together as one of our houses or local restaurants etc, giving us a chance to catch up. With us all now living in different cities at different schools whilst doing different things it has been so difficult for us all to get together however it is always the best when we get together. We drank in the Hookah section of BoxPark and it was so so good to see them!  

What I really loved about the London trip was just how great it was to see pretty much all of my besties. It was unsurprising yet reassuring to find that nothing had changed regardless of the distance or the change in us all. I felt older this time, and my friends all seemed older and more mature. We're adults now I guess! But it was so great to know that no matter how far away I am, I'm really not that far away at all. I saw my friend Emma on Saturday at Laura's birthday and she put a status recently that said "friends are the family you choose", and that statement is so so true. I'm so thankful to have these amazing new friends and family across in NYC but I am so thankful and happy to have such incredible friends back at home from growing up. I wouldn't have changed this weekend for the world.  


I hope you all had the best weekend! 


 What are some of your favourite spots in London? Let me know in the comments below


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