Everyday Essentials: Friday Favourites!

I'm currently having a lazy afternoon in my childhood home so as an extra little blog post for this week I thought I'd talk about some of my current faves! This week we have a variety of different blogs/blog posts I'm loving this month as well as some bits and bobs I've picked up in my time here in the UK. 

1.) InTheFrow - Blog

If you haven't ever checked out Victoria's blog or YouTube channel, you are majorly missing out. A social media presence that focuses on the positives in life, having fun and celebrating creativity. Beautiful images teamed with intelligent writing. Recently I had seemingly overlooked a blog post titled "Girl on Girl Crime", a blog post Victoria wrote discussing the complete lack of support people of one another on social media. She reflects on comments from girls growing up, and at 26 years old, the lack of change. What I love about this post is that it is so current and universal, in all industries, but in particular, the creative industry. Where is the support? Kindness costs nothing. Great post Victoria! Everyone go check it out along with the rest of this amazing blog.

2.) Summer Reading List

Now I have to admit I havent started these yet, but I have just bought them! I've known about these books for a while but finally have them all on the pile to read! 

a) All The Bright Places - Jennifer Niven.
I got this for £3.84 as part of Tesco's "2 books for £7" range. I'd seen it online for a while but wanted to wait until it came out on paperback to get it. Recently Zoella added this to her WHSmiths Book Club and after seeing so many great reviews online for the book it went straight to the top of my reading list.

b) Travelling to Infinity - The True Story Behind "The Theory of Everything" - Jane Hawking
With "Theory of Everything" being one of my favourite films of the past 10 years, and my love for autobiographies, this book was perfect. I was at Old Street station, wondering through the small boutique shops when I came across Camden Lock Books. Inside I found this book for a mere £2.99 and could not resist. I know for a fact that I will be a hot mess reading this book as much as I am watching the film #passthekleenex

c) A Work in Progress - Connor Franta
I have watched Connor's YouTube for years as a source of inspiration for music and the latest YouTube challenge, and in the more recent years for the way he see's the world and documents it. After his coming out video two years ago I felt even more connected to his life and his outlook on everything around him. I actually bought this book last year when it came out in the UK but accidentally left it in my childhood bedroom! Cannot wait to read this!

3.) SinceNineteenNinetyFive - Blog

My crazy, crazy, CRAZY friend Lauren who I went to Sixth Form with launched her blog back in February and I am IN LOVE with how she writes. Anyone who doesn't know Lauren, can read exactly what she is like and how she see's the world from each of her blogposts. With a focus on travelling, fine-dining and the stresses of university life, you will love escaping for 5 minutes as you read the posts on "Since1995". She needs to hurry up and get back to NYC so we can get a little post going together!!

4.) Primark Home Collections

I have to say I am so impressed at what the Home section of Primark has to offer! I tend to avoid Primark unless there is some basics (tshirts, socks etc) that I need. I had never been to the Home section before but when I was in London my friend Suzanne said she had been in and she got some awesome bits. Including this Silver Hanging Arrow, which we now have in each of our homes! Cute right? I also picked up this amazing Sea Salt and Lavender scented candle (I couldn't find it online but all other scents are avaliable). Most of their candles had similar scents and this one was less...fruity? You can get them in a variety of different settings but I grabbed this one for mine and Ian's bathroom back in New York. Perfect! I also picked up this ceramic desktop French Bulldog. I mean. There was just no hesitation buying this. I have since however spray painted it all black to make it look a bit more chic and fitting within my bedroom/office aesthetic! So so good, I highly recommend checking out Primark if you live in the UK, so so inexpensive.

5.) ExperiencingGino - Blog

Okay! So I might be a LITTLE bias here, but my boyfriend Gino has started blogging. For weeks he has been helping me out with my blogposts and photos and he has been getting involved in different aspects of social media when we suggested he get a blog. Whilst I have been away he has been a busy little bee and started his blog "ExperiencingGino", a blog focused on collaborating his clear passion for the fashion industry along with witty and intelligent lifestyle posts and he becomes a Bostonian-Manahattan-ite! Be sure to check out for his blog posts every Monday and Friday! 

HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYBODY! Hope you all have that #FridayFeeling and enjoyed this little extra blog!

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