Why Do I Do This?


If there is anything I have learnt over the past two months blogging, is that it is so beneficial and rewarding to write out and post a blog. For a few years now I've watched certain aspects of social media fall into a cesspool of negativity, but I have always enjoyed seeking out blogs, YouTube channels and websites dedicated to utilizing social media in a positive manner. 

Whilst training to be an actor we are constantly being told to be careful of our social media presence as it can come back and bite us in the A$$, but wouldn't it be great if this was universal worry? A question I ask myself regularly is, "is it worth it?". Is it worth putting that snarky comment out there, or biting at a negative statement or political comment on Facebook? Social media has so much power nowadays with which anyone can make or break their career or can express themselves in many many mediums. Lets use it to do GOOD!

Okay this got preachy very quickly, and probably doesn't make any sense but that was the whole point of this website and what I aim to do on social media. I'm so thankful that I get to have this experience here in New York City, but like anyone who moves away from home, it can be very difficult. Having a blog like this allows me to see the positives and document the amazing things I get to do here. It forces me to get up off of my A$$ and take it all in, and I LOVE that. It also connects me very closely to home. I feel like I'm talking to my friends and family directly through each post and for 10 - 15 minutes we can all have a little break from day-to-day stresses and enjoy the positives. In no way am I saying I'm an advocate for this, or that anyone uses NevNYC for this reason, but that is my intention. 

For me, I love the documenting side of social media. At any point I can look back at a photo or a blog post, or a video from years ago and remember that exact moment. I love that aspect, and as I go forward on this journey I love being able to look back, even two months ago to my first post and watch my writing style change, the content change and the development of the website itself as well as my life here in the States. The reason I'm writing this post today is because have been curious as to the pros and cons of blogging. I wanted to post about the fact that it can be difficult at times to always try and find the positives to post about when the week or day in my life that I'm writing a post, isn't particularly positive. Its times like this I turn to my favorite bloggers and YouTubers for inspiration, motivation and to just read someone else's experiences and realise that this sh*tty day. WILL. PASS. If one day, me or my website can act as the same kind of resource, then I am happy. THAT is why I do this. 

I hope you're all having a WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY!

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