Boozin' with Gin & Gino and Getting Back Into Routine

As far as 4th July could've been any other day. BUT I wouldn't have it any other way! After a morning spent wandering round the riverside, which you can read about in Monday's blog post, we decided to spend the rest of the day around Soho. Soho is a great area to mooch around all the shops and restaurants, but be prepared to spend money on clothes you WANT but certainly don't need. I actually resisted quite a few impulse buys and came home empty-handed, Gino however, did not. However he was good as gold and got himself a gorgeous A.P.C T-Shirt as a treat haha! 

For 4th July we decided in our sleepy, exhausted states to get lots and lots of nibbles in, and watch the fireworks from my apartments roof terrace. Earlier in the morning we had been down to Dumbo where they were setting up for the firework display. With my hatred of large crowds I thought it'd be cool to get a huge overview of all the fireworks going off in front of the city skyline. One thing I've found living on Myrtle Avenue is that my favorite grocery store Key Foods closes at like 7PM which is a massive inconvenience for a CONVENIENCE store...never mind. There is however a more organic/specialist grocery store closer to my apartment that seemed to have everything Gino and I needed for our night in, and it was pretty cost effective! I grabbed us a bottle of gin from a discount liquor store down the road and off we went! It was such a cute evening, but those fireworks?! My Dad has put on a more impressive display at New Years Eve at our house back in England! Around 9PM we heard a series of "bangs" so rushed up to the roof to see what we thought would be an amazing display of exploding tax payers money. NOPE. It was possibly the rain and overcast that meant we couldn't see a beautiful display, who knows! The view however as phenomenal. I think I was blown away more than usual because when I was back in England I FINALLY got a pair of prescription glasses, so I can actually see the skyline now in HD hahaha! Oops! #livingmyharrypotterdream 

Last night (Tuesday night) at work we had another one of our Industry Insight Panel's for our Summer Student and I think it was possibly my favorite panel thus far. This one was on Actors & Their Bran - Shaping Your Career Through Social Media hosted by Shawn Hollenback, Morgan Greco and T. Kyle. SO so interesting. I don't know what it is, but I absolutely love listening to and participating in conversations around the pro's and con's of social media. Hearing people discuss social media as a marketing tool and career was so great as it is something often snubbed by the Average Joe. During the panel I heard so many great points on the power of utilizing social media platforms to represent an actors branding, such as quality content of quantity. This is something I struggle with. I've found that this time around with the blog that it is so hard to stay away from the analytics of the blog. Looking at numbers or audiences etc. I came away from the panel appreciating my blog even more. I am LOVING writing each post and taking the time to execute exactly what it is I want to say in each one. There is something so fulfilling, whilst I study, in having an idea and seeing it through. Also the panel was freaking hilarious as each one of the hosts discussed how they came to work within the social media industry! 

Because of the late night finish at work last night we had a late start this morning which meant I could take my time getting up and heading into Manhattan. Its so crazy how going home and coming back you can just fall straight back into routine. I loved coming up out of the subway this morning onto 28th street and grabbing a coffee en route to the office. Let me tell you though, it is HOT in the city at the moment. I made the rookie error yesterday to wear black skinny jeans, boots and a flannel shirt. Possibly one of the worst decisions I have ever made, especially when running errands around the city. Today in shorts and t-shirt I'm not suffering as much but DAMN it is still boiling. Looks like its going to be a looooooong, hot summer. But hey after years and years of wet, grey summers in the UK I guess I shouldn't complain.

Happy Wednesday Everyone! 

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