Meet Me in Massachusetts: Part 1

After a long summer of working full time, I was ready for a break from the city. In fact, no, I NEEDED a break from the city. So when Gino invited me out to Boston, Massachusetts with him at the end of August I said "HELL YEAH". This would not only be the first time that I visit Massachusetts, but also the first time I would be meeting Gino's parents, Dawn & Anthony. Now THIS is where I love having social media. For a few weeks now, the Neville's and Gino and his parents have all had many a witty/humorous correspondence on Facebook. One thing we all quickly realised we have in common is our incontrovertible sense of humour. Great! So after weeks of this I wasn't feeling as nervous as I could have been! Well, turns out I didn't have to be nervous at all. Gino's family welcomed me with open arms, love and kindness and we had one of the best trips I have ever been on, and I have now fallen in love with Massachusetts! The first day we arrived, late afternoon we chilled and then went for a shop around the Assembly, a shopping outlet center in Somerville and then went to see Suicide Squad at the huge local AMC. I actually really really enjoyed the film itself and recommend checking it out. Try not to listen to the mixed reviews the film as received, the film really does what it says on the tin. A witty, funny, action-packed superhero film! The second day, Sunday was really what we had made the trip to Medford for, a huge family cook-out in the backyard. 

During the day G' showed me around Harvard University Campus' which was so so beautiful and looked like something out of a storybook. You can instantly see why Ivy League schools here in the U.S are so hard to get into. I mean I'm sure its to do with their degrees, but you know what I mean. We then went along to Harvard Square, a small shopping district. It reminded me of a town that you would come across in England, old, beautiful buildings centred around the university. We wandered along to Charles River and it was so gorgeous. The weather we had had thus far was perfect, hot and sunny! When we got home the family were all at the house ready for some food! We had such a great time getting to know one another over a gin....or three. And then for dessert they brought out these gorgeous cakes! Rum Cassata Cakes, a rum-soaked sponge with ricotta. DELICIOUS!

Sassing. It. Up. It was a great sigh of relief to really feel welcome in the family and for us all to instantly get on so so much. A night I'm sure I won't forget for the foreseeable future! 

Check back this Sunday for Part 2!!!

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