Meet Me in Massachusetts: Part 2

For some reason our New York "early-riser" mentality didn't disappear so on Monday morning we both got up at the butt-crack of dawn. However if I'm completely honest I actually really really like getting up early on holidays/vacations, there's something about getting up and ready really early so you can go explore the area that I love. We got up and got the train straight into Boston to see the Boston Common and the Public Gardens. G showed me the State House of Massachusetts, and it is SO beautiful. Here is an awkward as hell picture of me in the Public Gardens. 

Lets just all be thankful I'm not a model...#shneck #awkwardhand. 
The gardens were so beautiful though and G and I spent about an hour in there taking photos and wandering around the flowerbeds. Wow I'm so old. Immediately as you cross through the south exit of the Public Gardens you are straight onto Newbury Street. Newbury Street is the main shopping street here in Boston. There is a few other places to shop around town but Gino had said before that this area is the nicest to wander down and mooch around the shops. We spent the day wandering through this city and then met up with two of Gino's good friends Connor and Matt. It was so nice to sit and get to know each other over some gorgeous Italian food. I love those days on holiday where there really isn't a set schedule or plan so you just ending going with the flow. We didn't really have a solid plan for the Monday and we ended up having a really great day in the city.  

On Tuesday we had a slightly more relaxed morning as Gino had a dentist appointment near where he lived. We popped along to Porter Square to the dentist surgery and I caught up on some blog work in a nearby Starbucks and set the day in motion. We took an easy stroll back towards Boston to visit Faneuil Hall, a food, shopping area near the harbour. We opted for Fish & Chips from inside Faneuil Hall food market. DELICIOUS! Gino also took me to the old library which had a gorgeous outside garden where he used to sit and read back when he lived in Boston. I love having someone with me to show me their version of the city.

That evening my Uncle Bob had organised for Gino & I to go and see the Yankees vs. Red Sox game at Fenway Park. How amazing! We wanted to go all out so planned on getting a Red Sox t-shit and baseball cap from 47' store. The official merchandise for the Red Sox, a store that was on Newbury Street where we had been before. Once in the store we tried on different baseball caps and as we were over by the mirror one of the store staff came over to Gino & I and asked if we had tickets to the game. When we said yes he let us know that he was choosing us to receive a free hat, t-shirt and ride to the game. EACH! Amazing! Gino has the habit of getting us to the right place at the right time. So we got our photo taken outside the store in our chosen gear and went along to the game on the back of a bike which this poor guy had to peddle...

Nothing set us up for how freakin' cool the seats were! Right behind the batter. Amazing! Huge thanks to my Uncle Bob for sorting them for us. And THE RED SOX WON! Considering I'm not exactly a sports fan, nor do I follow a particular sport, I really really enjoyed the baseball game and the crowd was electric. When we got home we had planned originally to book our bus home for the following day but we decided to stay through Wednesday and return Thursday so that we could go for dinner with Dawn and Anthony, just the four of us. Wednesday was a chilled day where we went and got gifts for his parents for having us stay and then we went out for Italian food with his parents. It was so nice to just sit for a couple of hours with his parents and catch up. It's absolutely crazy how much we all have in common. It's safe to say that I had one of the best trips I've ever been on. It really feels like a second home and Gino's parents were so welcoming that I really feel like I have a second family. Most importantly though it was so nice to spend a solid 6 days with G and was such a relief to know that we genuinely enjoy each others Company. I'm so excited for what the future holds for us both but I'm so happy that this step was so effortless yet incredible. Now for him to meet the Nev's at Christmas! #bringiton

Happy Sunday Everybody! 

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