Film Sets, Exploring Dumbo & Busy Schedule!

Wow, what a week. Adjusting to this new busy schedule is somewhat fascinating, frustrating and rewarding. I feel like the past year has been as if I'm on a very fast train. Back in May when we finished first year we slowed down and stopped at a couple of stations all summer long and now in second year it's pulling out of the final station back on route. You know that sluggish slow feeling as the train gathers its full speed again. That's how I feel at the moment! Of course in typical Luke fashion I decided to fill up my past weekend with extra curricular activities that required me to wake up early on my days off! I signed up for Backstage, for the Brits who read my blog it's similar to our "Stage" or "Spotlight". It was actually kind of complementary to my Career Prep class to see character breakdowns for shows, first hand. I was flicking through the casting calls when I came across a call for 5 male "high school student" types for a feature film called "Epic Feud", shooting on Saturday at a high school in Brooklyn. Now I was unsure that I would still be able to pass for a high school student with my stubbly face, balding head and somewhat stocky build however it's crazy how young I look when clean shaved and short-haired. I ended up booking it! Fun! Now the role was unpaid, but credited. At this point and whilst on my current VISA this was perfect, plus my experience was baron in the Film region, so a credit in that field what welcomed greatly. 

We shot at a high school on the edge of Prospect Park in Brooklyn, a mere 10 minute bus ride from my house, perfect! It was so much fun spending the day on set! I'd been pre-warned that there is a lot of waiting around in film and TV in comparison to theatre, and they were correct however this allowed me to crack on with work for college, uninterrupted. When we got up and shot scenes for the movie it was SO. MUCH. FUN. It took us around an hour to shoot one 5 minute scene, and we did four of them, so it was a LONG but very rewarding day. 

After shooting I headed back home to get ready for Yazz and Sophie's birthday party. Back in first year, the McKibbon loft gang held the best parties so it was sooooo nice to head back to one, this time with Gino, no matter how tired I was! I swear Gino actually knew more kids from my school than I did. It was such a good night! 

Sunday was a weird but great one! Most Sunday's for the past 6 months is where Gino and I have had corresponding days off. Mornings spent with Bergen Bagels and afternoons spent strolling around Williamsburg or Green Point. However this Sunday, Gino had work. HOW DARE HE... Just kidding but yeah it was weird to wake up and him having already gone into work! #workinggirl. What was great though was that 3 of my friends from home, Andrew, his brother Phil and Joe were all visiting post-Camp America! I had a leisurely morning of line-learning and then the boys arrived around 2PM. It's always so nice to show people around Brooklyn as it's really somewhere that a lot of people don't visit when coming to NYC for the first time. 

I took them up to the roof so they could see the view, something I definitely take for granted. I really want to have some form of like wine/cocktail party up there for a blog one day. Maybe the 50th blog post of something.... we'll see ;) I then of course HAD to take them to Bergen Bagels and it is safe to say that they were not disappointed haha! 4 bagel, 3 iced coffees and 2 brownies later I think we were sufficiently fueled for the walk along to DUMBO. I've never shown visitors to DUMBO before so it was great to see their amazed reactions at the place before placing it in my future "Top 10 Things Tourists MUST DO in NYC" blog post. Keep your eyes out for that one! 

I honestly need to stop shooting blog posts here in DUMBO but there is just something about the environment that makes for an extremely reflective blog post. Oh well! The boys loved the area and then as it neared time for them to head back to Manhattan for their cruise, I walked them to the beginning of the Brooklyn Bridge and we went our seperate ways. 

One thing I love about being here is that whenever I have visitors or meet up with friends, it really feels like a shared, amazing experience. We can say together that we have spent time together in the City. It's always so bittersweet saying goodbye, excited in the knowledge that we will have an amazing time together when I am back in the United Kingdom but also kinda sad saying goodbye to people that were part of my life before NYC. Crazy thought process. THIS IS NOT A DEEP BLOG POST LUKE, CALM. DOWN. 

As Monday came back around the corner before I could even say the word "weekend", I felt myself getting ready for the busy week ahead. My second year schedule is CRAZY however in its manic format I have had to dive, head first into the work and focus on the year ahead. Exciting times!!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

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