Recent Reads: September 2016

Today I thought I would start a new little segment on NevNYC for you guys. Whether you will like it or not I don't really know however the content is something very dear to my heart. Ever since I was able to be, I have been the biggest little bookworm. I was in advanced reading from a young age, even joining my local library's children's book club "Chatterbooks!" how cute! Since then reading at me own leisure has been somewhat of a challenge with my "must-reads" moving onto the back burner. I remember after my exams a few years ago, the Neville went on holiday to Fuerteventura. On that week-long holiday I must've read at least 8 books. Burning through my own and even my mums (I remember Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn being THE book at that point it time). The "must-read-back-burner" worsened even more last year as I adjusted to my new life here in the states. BUT all was not lost, this year, I got something most New Yorker's love to hate....A COMMUTE. Gahhhh! 40 minutes, twice a day where I get to sit on a train and READ. MY. BOOKS. I swore to myself, to at least make ONE of those commutes a time where I can read one of my own books and NOT a book from school. So far I have stuck to this rule and I love it! This week I thought I would write about some of the books I've read this month and talk about some bits I loved etc. I know I called this a new "segment" but I think I'm going to keep the segment's back for like every other month so that I can talk about a couple of my favourites. So with out further ado, these are my top 3 favourite books of September!

"Not That Kind of Girl" - Lena Dunham - US/UK
Okay so this book has been on my "must-read" pile since it was released on my birthday back in 2014. I remember watching "Girls" for the first time it was released on HBO and loving the honest depiction of living in NYC, even if I was like "holy sh-t, this is nothing like Sex and the City..". But I was intrigued in the way it was written and directed, bringing around my fascination with the waves Lena Dunham was making in the industry. Finally, now I have two 40-minute commutes a day, I have time to start reading my "must-read" list. I loved this book! Autobiographies seem to be my go-to book at the moment and reading Lena's story really brought around a different perspective of a woman growing up in modern-America. There are some all to real stories that you can't help but laugh aloud to, its safe to say I got some funny looks on the Subway. Real stories that make you laugh but CRINGE beyond belief, why? Because they are so brutally honest that you look at your own teenage-self and go...."GUILTY"! 

"Station Eleven" - Emily St. John Mandel - US/UK
I read Station Eleven back when it was topping the book-charts, with a post-apocalyptic story that is triggered by an actor dying on stage during a production of "King Lear", I was sold. The book is a really quick easy read, that you simply do not want to put down. Reading it for the second time I read it within 2 days of commuting. Rumours can be found online that the book is to be made into a blockbuster movie in the near future, something I can only hope is true. A captivating story of post-apocalyptic survivors who are linked in more ways than they think. Grab this book and read it while you can because it's soon going to be one of the biggest "must-see" movies in the near future. 

"You Are A Badass! How To Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living An Awesome Life" - Jen Sincero - US/UK
Where do I even begin with this book? Before moving to NYC, the concept of a "self-help" book was something I would turn my nose up at. Why, if I'm struggling with mindset or in search of help, would I find time to read a book in order to do so?! How wrong was I! I re-read the secret upon returning to NYC after Christmas, a book about the Law of Attraction and how changing your mindset can have an incredible influence on the positive benefits of your life. WONDERFUL! "You're A Badass" almost pics up where The Secret left off, it takes a look at the aspects of contemporary day-to-day lives and how changing your thoughts can have an incredibly positive effect on decision-making and your life in a successful manner. I read the first few chapters on one Monday-morning commute, and my whole week was different. I didn't feel groggy, I didn't feel exhausted, I could see everything in a new light. A positive, energetic and exciting new light. Changing the way you look at people, the way you look at yourself and the way you strive for your own personal successes, for the better. This is my "YOUMUSTREAD" book of the month, and hope that is helps you in the way it has helped me!

Happy Sunday Everyone!

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