5 Ways To Survive The Week

Every Sunday evening/Monday morning I see posts and Instagram quotes of people with the Monday bug, and I have to say, in the depths of my personal Twitter and my Instagram you will find posts of that sort. "Gah! Mondays", "I Hate Mondays". That kinda thing! Well about 2 years ago I decided to STOP doing this. No more anxiety filled Sunday evenings, no more Monday morning grumbles, why? Because it was starting off this brand new week, negatively! Now changing these thoughts can be hard, I am most definitely someone who needs to set a million alarms before waking up, but for the most part I try to make Monday a fresh start! Here's 5 Easy tips to help make your Monday morning that little bit easier!

1. Now they say "a Sunday well spent brings a week of content", and damn right!!! I LIVE for Sunday's! If you have been with NevNYC since it began in May you will see that most of my content has been shot or uploaded on a Sunday. Sunday is a day where Gino and I can chill out and just spend the day together. But I completely think this is true, enjoy your Sunday and carry that feeling of contentment with you into the week! One important thing I do on a Sunday evening is lay out everything I need for the early Monday morning start I have. My Monday morning self thanks my Sunday evening self for his somewhat OCD preparation, and the week has started off well! 

2. Make sure you spend at least some of the time in the weekend out and about. I have fallen into the "rat race" trap, where my weekdays look something like this: Wake Up. Commute. School. Work. Commute. Home. Repeat. So most recently I have really enjoyed spending the weekends doing something OUTSIDE of that routine. Even getting out of the house. Don't get me wrong, I love just being in the apartment for a morning. But going out for a walk and seeing my surroundings chills me out from the weekly routine. This weekend I had an especially amazing time. My great Uncle Wayne & Auntie Ann were in New York visiting from Australia. Having never been to Australia (yet!) I hadn't met either Ann or Wayne so I was so excited to put genuine human connection to the cyberspace connection of Facebook. I must say, the positive side of Facebook really does come out when we are able to connect to family that live on the opposite side of the globe. Meeting them on Saturday was like meeting family I'd seen every day of my life. Gino and I had such a fantastic afternoon with them celebrating Wayne's birthday. We met them at 2:30PM by the Flatiron Building, and we didn't leave them until 11:30PM! Boy, did we do a lot of lunching, boozing and galavanting round Manhattan, even squeezing in a Broadway show, School of Rock! I am so thankful to have such amazing family members and being able to connect with them in such a magical place as New York, really makes the long distances seem like living next door to one another. Gino & I love you both lots Auntie Ann & Uncle Wayne! 
I will carry this amazing weekend with me into next week! You should do the same! Make your downtime, and relaxation time fun and creative. Really set yourself up for an amazing week!

3. Music. Sounds obvious, but create a playlist that you can listen to on your commute to work. I love putting on some NAO or Oh Wonder on my way to school on the Subway, I arrive nice and energised and ready for the day. This is why I love having an Apple Music subscription on my iPhone, I can chop and change my songs and playlists depending on what mood or situation I'm in! I've also played around with different songs for my alarm sound. HOWEVER be careful of setting one of your favourite songs as your alarm as you will probably end up HATING it haha! I remember doing this with "Sweet Disposition" by Temper Trap, one of my all-time favourite songs, now turned, LEAST favourite! 

4. Think of it as a weekly fresh-start. Every New Year our social media homefeed's are filled with "New Year, New Me" posts. We kind of celebrate New Year's Eve as being the celebration of the end or the year and the beginning of a new, exciting fresh start. Well why can't we think this way about Monday's?! Treat every Monday, as a new beginning. What can we change this week? How we feel when the weekend comes round again? What greatness can we achieve? This all may sound wanky but it is so true! We have the power to make a difference and make a change, so if we hate our weekdays we have to look at what we are doing and go "how can we change this?". EMBRACE YOUR MONDAY FRESH START. 

5. Exude positivity. I love filling my week with positivity. I love the thought of making someone else's week a bit better. How can I help others? How can I help myself? If I see someone having a rough week I ask myself if there is anything I can do to help turn that week around for them. We all have those down days, and those weeks where it really has been a struggle. Be that person that brightens someone elses day/week and you will ultimately improve and brighten your own!

Like I said we all have those tough weeks, those weeks where it really was a chore and a challenge to get through the 5, 6, 7 days of HELL. But imagine 52 of these weeks a YEAR! No thankyou! If I can keep it down to having anything below 4 of those weeks a year. I'm happy. The power is within you to change it all around. Go out there and have an amazing week!


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