Finding My Fitness Footing

Okay now THIS is a blog I never thought I'd be uploading. I mean a fitness blog?! But hey, it's 2017 and I said its the year of saying YES to everything. So when the idea to talk a bit about my current fitness regime came into my head I simply went, "well....ok?!". I see it as a bit of a challenge to be honest, as I really have never sat and written out anything to do with fitness. With this comes the disclaimer of me saying that in no way am I writing this blogpost to become some sort of fitness guru, I don't have the wealth of experience or knowledge to do so! However as someone who's weight has fluctuated since he was 14 and as someone who never thought he'd ever be fit and healthy, I thought I would shed some light on my new found perspective! 

To start I thought I'd talk a bit about my history when it comes to fitness! When I was around 12, I really began to notice significant changes, in the sense that what I was eating or how little I was moving really effected my weight. Of course at this point in my life, this was not a worry or stress of mine, but as I went through secondary education (high school) I began to notice that my weight and fitness really fluctuated depending on my attention to diet and exercise. Pretty standard stuff, right? I attempted to stick in with sports, I genuinely enjoyed physical education at school and would join various sports clubs for short periods of time outside of school, but none of it would really stick. I had a lot of energy and stamina but nowhere that I was interested in, to channel that energy. That is when I joined my local stage school! Rehearsing weekly and dancing for hours a week meant I finally found a way to exercise that incorporated something I was passionate about. My weight and fitness continued to fluctuate depending on the show, for instance during my stint as Roger in Grease I was possibly the biggest I've been, whereas my run as Bobby in A Chorus Line (a dance focused show) was the fittest I've been. It's strange how we assess ourselves at different points in our lives! Now at 22, I wish I had the hangups I had 4/5 years ago.

I started my educational training in Newcastle College and was guided toward what workout routine really worked for my body and my dance type. And throughout my two years of training there I began to work on toning as well as my dance technique. Now this I am so thankful for as now I am at the point of re-visiting some of this knowledge to create the perfect workout regime for myself!  In the Summer between my British training and moving to New York, I discovered my absolute love, for running.

Growing up, I was never a runner. We had to run cross country in physical education and I would drag myself around the route, hating every moment. But now, I love long distance running, I love the feeling of completing a run. I love the feeling of clearing my head. I love being away from my macbook and phone for an hour or so. I began jogging and running 2, 3 or 4 miles around my neighbourhood in Newcastle and really got into the groove of it. By the end of the summer in 2015 I had racked up over 200 miles in 3 months. Which may not seem a lot to you Mo Farrah's and Kelly Holme's but for me it was a huge occasion and cause for celebration. Celebrations were cut short when the shock of moving to a bustling city from the countryside meant I lost my aptitude for running. I didn't know where to begin. For around 6 months I didn't run at all. My Nike's were gathering dust in my closet. I found my head was blagged with thoughts I didn't have time to sort through. I'd lost my running mojo. 

In 2016 I ran occasionally, especially when I moved to Brooklyn. I enjoyed the odd run down to DUMBO. I enjoyed 20 minutes on the treadmill upstairs. I enjoyed exploring the streets of Brooklyn whilst doing a slow jog. But I missed running with a specific purpose and focus. This brings us to 2017. This is the year where it is all going to change. As the clock struck midnight on New Years Eve I vowed to run 6 days a week for the entire year once I got back to New York City. And you know what, so far so good! What I think is really helping me stick to a routine this time is the route I have found myself running on, it circles Fort Greene park and returns back to my apartment, the total route being 2.5. I've decided to take it slow and steady this time around. In the past I used to run around 30 miles a week. I would finish the week exhausted and aching as I wasn't taking the time to really find my pace, and extend the distance I was running gradually. Taking away that pressure of having to push through an EXTRA mile each day has really allowed me to start enjoying running again, it is a healthy way to clear my head and get outside each day. 

This year I have taken up Bullet Journalling and I feel this only helped me get into a routine with fitness. For those of you who don't know, bullet journaling is a technique in using lists and organisation within notebooks and journals to optimise your time and scheduling. (You can check out how to start your own bullet journal HERE). I found mapping out my fitness schedule, documenting how I felt before and after and writing down what my fitness session contained has enabled me to notice and acknowledge my steady progress. And it has been so rewarding to do so! 

On top of my running routine I have started creating an ab/weight work out that I usually do once I return back from my run. This is where knowledge in what exercises really work for you, is crucial. I asked my roommate and fitness-fanatic-friend Sarah to help fine tune some of the exercises I was already familiar with and came up with the perfect 20 minute rep workout for me. All I had to do was to create a gym playlist (mostly Ariana) and away I went. As I approach Week 3 of this routine, I can really feel and see a difference in my physicality and appearance. I feel healthier, I feel it has helped my sleeping pattern in a good way. I feel amazing. Of course this is only the end of Week 2 so we have a while to go before significant changes come into effect, but if this is how I feel after Week 2, I very much look forward to my fitness future!!! 

If you have any tips on what is good to add into a fitness session of this type I would love to hear your advice!!! Leave a cheeky comment below!

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Nev x

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