Out of the Haze and Into Reality

Well here we go! It's the 7th of January and by this point everyone is well into routine, or if you're lucky, only just about to transition back into one! For those of you that have been back at work since the 1st/2nd of January, I hope you are all settled back into work and the new year, and for those of you that are back to school/work Monday, well here we go!! I am actually a member of the "starting school on Monday" group and I for one, cannot wait! If you had asked me back in England if I was ready for the final semester I would have probably grumbled a stern "no" from my near-comatose state during the New Year. But as I type this blog up from my Brooklyn apartment whilst watching the snow fall on New York, I say, "BRING. IT. ON!" 

Heading home this Christmas was absolutely fantastic. Last Christmas I felt like a parade float, I was so excited to be home that I wanted to see EVERYONE! This time around I really took the time to be at home with family and just enjoy myself. However in doing so, I found coming back to the city a lot harder than usual. I know, woe is me, I have to go back to New York. That's not what I mean. But I think it was the anticipation of my final semester at a school. Usually when coming back to the city I know when I will next be home, and this time around I don't. This semester I actually graduate from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, and my path from then on will be determined within that month. To me this initially was a huge mess of anxiety. As someone who plans their life down to the last minute and who is constantly looking forward to the next thing, I found that having no plans beyond April, very, very daunting. Visiting London however, really put things back into a new perspective. 

Gino & I decided when booking our flights that since we were going to be flying back to New York from London anyway, that we would stop and visit some friends and stay there for a couple of days. Being back in a fast-paced environment really got me back into the mode of getting the ball rolling. Gino and I were talking over dinner one night about how this could actually be a good thing. To just focus in on 4 months and really enjoy having a set routine. I couldn't agree more. We have had such a lovely start to 2017 and we have been so fortunate to spend it with great company and in such an amazing place as home and London! I'm actually now really looking forward to the upcoming semester at school. In the last few days we found out our casting for our Shakespeare graduate show series and I found out I will be playing Antonio in Merchant of Venice directed by Barbara Rubin, and I cannot WAIT to get started! It is sure to be an incredible semester!

Gino & I flew in to a freezing cold JFK airport last night and as soon as we got back to my apartment, went straight to sleep. Much deserved after a bumpy 8 hour flight from London. Sidenote: I watched "Me Before You" on the flight across to distract me from the turbulance. I recommend not watching it unless you intend on being an absolute blubbering wreck, as I was! I'm so glad we booked to come back when we did as we can now spend the weekend at both of our apartments getting things back into order and just relax before our crazy routine ahead. To be honest I think with the "snow-mageddon" that is currently happening over New York, we wouldn't have had another option! 

Is anyone else just baffled that it is now January 2017?! It seems almost surreal to me that this time last month I was well into BLOGMAS and planning my trip home to England, and now here we are with a whole different set of priorities and all of that planning in the past! Insane! Time really does fly. If you are in New York, I hope you're snuggled up with your hot drink of choice and a good ol' Netflix Series, and I hope that everyone, no matter where you are, has a wonderful wintery weekend.

Catch you soon!

Nev x

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