D.U.M.B.O Brunch-Date

In recent weeks it has been so nice to value the spare time Gino and I have together. As I near graduation and as Gino's schedule gets busier and busier we have found our time to see one another is usually 11PM when I get home or 7AM when Gino has to leave for class/school. Both being times of the day where at least one of us, if not both of us, is feeling delirious. Recently, Gino and I managed to find some time to get out-and-about and to really spend some quality time together. Of course then you are always faced with the task of having to decide what exactly it is that we wanted to do. 

We decided to wander along from where I live in Clinton Hill to our favourite spot, DUMBO. This walk takes around 30 minutes but we hadn't done it in such a long time we thought, "why not!". Of course we couldn't help but snap some pictures along the way! The last time you guys would've seen any content from me being in DUMBO was actually an old blog I did last summer for FarFetch called "FarFetch X Apple Music X NevNYC", all the photos you see in the blog itself were actually shot in and around DUMBO. It just makes for the coolest spot to take pictures. I always recommend checking out DUMBO even if you are only in New York for a few short days. If you have time to wander across the Brooklyn Bridge, be sure to wander around the other end when you get into Brooklyn. It's actually so great! One of our favourite streets to take photos on is Hudson Avenue. The whole street is almost like a forgotten town, it is overshadowed by the Brooklyn Navy Yards and the energy plant, it feels like you have stumbled onto the cobbled streets of Boston or London. 

One thing we had to decide when we had this free time was where we wanted to eat. Gino's mum Dawn had kindly offered to treat us to a brunch or our choice which was so so lovely! (HUGE THANK YOU MOOMA DAWNY!) so we made the decision to try out the, relatively new, Westville in the heart of DUMBO. I was taken to the Westville in Chelsea toward the back-end of 2016 and Wyatt and I had recently been for brunch at the one in the East Village, so knowing their menu and food well, I was SO excited to head back again and introduce Gino to have fantastic their food is! Now before you look at the mouth-watering pictures below. It's good to set you up with the kind of food and menu Westville has to offer. I HIGHLY recommend checking out Westville for brunch or an early lunch, they have a wide variety of teas, juices, breakfast items and salads, but what they are renowned for is their market sides. When I tell you they are to die for, I truly mean it, and I now have Gino to back me up on that!

One of my favourite things they do at Westville is their Health Tea which has honey, ginger, lemon, orange, cinnamon, sage and mint. It is amazing and a lovely companion to brunch! Last time I came I ordered their brunch special South Western Brunch Bowl, but this time I really wanted to try their famous market sides. So I went for:

- Blackened Chicken
- Roasted Butternut Squash
- Cauliflower with Tahini
- Green Peas with bacon
- Sweet Potato Fries

It is safe to say, I was FULL. They have a really great deal of $17 for 4 of their market plates and sides and then you have the choice of adding on a protein. Gino got the California Benedict without the Sriracha Hollandaise and it was also delicious. I highly recommend trying something out and if you fancy a few dishes, maybe order a couple of their market sides and have a nice little tapas-esque brunch! 

It was so nice to just take a day to ourselves and really enjoy each others company. Also as we begin to look at places for us to move into on June 1st, we really want to enjoy the area I currently live in while I'm still here. It honestly feels like I just moved to Clinton Hill, when in fact it has almost been a full 12 months. This just absolutely BAFFLES me. I live on Myrtle Avenue, which is a really cool street that runs all the way through Brooklyn and with the presence of Pratt University it has a really cool boutique and Brooklyn vibe. It had been so long since we had taken time to really wander down the avenue to DUMBO so it was so nice to be able to do so. Of course it is always hard avoiding wanting to spend all of our money in the boutique stores! 

After brunch we wondered along to the riverside in DUMBO. Every time I come here I am just blown away by the view and I still cannot quite come to terms with the fact that I actually live here. I love gaining perspective and taking the time to really look at your environment from a different angle, and sitting opposite the New York skyline, always manages to put things into perspective for me!

I just absolutely love having images like this to look back on! But trust me you can bring any type of camera down with you to DUMBO and you are guaranteed to get some great shots no matter what the weather! Managing a life in general is hard, but make sure you take time for yourself and the time to do cute little days like this with people you love, whether it be friends, family or a partner! I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!

Nev x

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