Resting Without Reservation

The picture above is such an interesting one for me. For a few months now I have envisioned a moment of me letting go of all my troubles for a while and it was what ultimately was getting me through the stresses in every day life. However in the whirlwind that was the end of school, it was getting harder and harder to envision a time when I would be able to do so. Don't we all have that image in our heads? Whether it be standing on the shore line of your favourite beach, embarking on a long trek in the wild, heading away to a local city-break, whatever it is, I feel we all have a special place where reality can slip away for a little while. For me it is usually either Flag Beach in Fuerteventura, or where I currently am, Florida. 

I know a number of my American and British friends have just hard-eye-rolled at the thought of Florida being my escape place, but it is! When my sister and I were a lot younger, Florida was our family destination (as it is for most Brit's with any amount of Disney love and a few extra pennies to spend). I remember one trip back in 2010 when my Dad sold some of his meaningful childhood Star Wars memorabilia just so that he could take us all to Florida for Ron Jon Surf Lessons and swimming with the dolphins in Discovery Bay. It was the holiday of a lifetime for us small village Brits. So for me, Florida strikes something deep within me when I step off of that plane.  

Of course now it means something completely different to me. I am lucky to now life a quick 2 hour flight away from Orlando International Airport, a godsend when needing a break from the city. This time last year however, I had another trip of a lifetime. Myself and 11 of my other roommates and friends were generously invited by my friend Cassy and her parents, to stay at their house, just north of Orlando. It was spectacular for a number of reasons; 1 - I had paid for the trip myself, and when trying to create independence for myself in a city like New York, this was a monumental feat, 2 - I got to vacation with my best friends, a dream of mine since I was little, 3 - I got to visit Disney World, and if you know me, you know the big kid that I am was so excited to be able to do this, 4 - I learnt so much about myself in such a short amount of time. It really is such a magical place.

And here we are, one year later, revisiting Cassy's parent's house in Clermont, Florida. And yet again this trip means something different. As the year passed the group changed slightly, a group of us continued to live together, with some new additions and of course I met Gino who became a part of our dysfunctional New York family. So 3 days ago, myself, Cassy, Casey, Jordan, Amara, Finty, Savannah, Ayesha, Jordan O, Ian, Sarah and Gino arrived here again. Those of us who attended school together are fresh off the back of graduating from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and a slew of days adjusting to a drastically new routine and schedule, this trip could not have come at a better time. It has been wonderful to see everyone relax the past few days and really take a rest. I know a number of people who don't take the time to relax, or simply, do not have the time, and I can guarantee that once we get back to the city, we will be those people. But I think it is so important to STOP every once in a while, and just take everything in. Whether it be where you are, at home or if you can manage to get away from your daily routine for a few days, it is so important that we allow ourselves to stop, and recuperate. Artistically it is so nice to relax in a new environment. Being as deep into the country as we are here in Clermont, I have been loving sitting in front of the lake with a new book in or whilst tapping away on my laptop getting work done, it is so stimulating to be around such peace and such wonderful views. 

My wish for you is that no matter where you are in the world right now, no matter what point in your weekly stress you are whilst reading this, that you simply ALLOW yourself the time to sit down this weekend and just BE. Trust me, you have earned it.

I just want to say a huge thank you to John and Tina Cammarano for inviting us to your beautiful home here in Clermont. Your kindness and generosity is truly wonderful.

Happy Friday Everyone! We are nearly at the weekend!!!

Nev x

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