A Fashionable Tradition: Visiting the 2017 Costume Institute Exhibition at The Met

As Gino and I passed the year milestone of our relationship it has been fun recently to visit some of the places we initially went to at the beginning of our relationship. Note: Funny story, the restaurant we had our first date in, a little thai restaurant called "ThaiNY" has since closed down. Our relationship still remains LOL. I'm currently in the middle of packing things up in my second apartment (time goes SO fast) and one free afternoon Gino and I decided to mirror on our previous date-days by revisiting this years Costume Institute exhibition at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. You can check out last years blog HERE.

Each year on the first Monday in May, the Met Gala launches the latest fashion exhibition from the Costume Institute, last year being "Manus X Machina" a collection of industrial-style avant garde fashion from a number of fashion houses. This year is an exhibition that celebrates the work of Rei Kawakubo whilst working for "Comme des Garçons", an exhibition entitled "Art of the In-Between". Now, my knowledge of Comme des Garçons is particularly limited, of course I know their iconic "heart" logo. The Comme des Gaçons X Converse All Star shoes have been in my ASOS checkout cart many a time. However I was unfamiliar with their style (Gino was obviously much more clued up that I was) but I have to say I really loved the exhibition, and I think I even enjoyed it more than I did last years. 

Before I get into the exhibition itself I will remind my readers that The Met has a great ticketing scheme in that you can pay what you like. You are NOT required to follow the suggested ticketing price so do not feel nervous and/or guilty to pay what you like. Gino and I always pay what we can on the day and it really makes the entire museum an accessible source or art/culture in New York City, so it remains a high recommend on NevNYC. 

Once we got into the museum itself it was actually quite difficult to locate the exhibition. Mostly because Gino and I beelined to the location of last years exhibition to find that it actually moves to a different location each year. (Morons). So after asking a curator for directions (they were kind, showed us the way and said we weren't the only confused visitors) they directed us to the second floor in the Iris & B. Gerald Cantor Exhibition Hall. One thing that struck me straight away is the openness of the entire exhibition and within the exhibition guide you can see this was carefully thought out; "I like to work in openness and space" - Rei Kawakubo, 2000. The whole exhibition much like last year had quite an eerie futuristic quality about it. Each part of the exhibition was shown at different levels, you had looming mannequins donned in different shaped garments as well as darker garments shrouded in different shaped material. It was as if I had stepped into the Capital in a Hunger Games-esque world. One of the dresses I was actually looking forward to see was a 2-Dimension Dress from their Autumn/Winter 2012-2013 collection. i remember Lady Gaga wearing this specific piece after receiving media comments on her weight. The piece is an entire felt shape that mocks the "ideal" female shape and I just love that it was worn as a big "f**k you" to the media! It was so cool to see. 

One of the other pieces I was really looking forward to seeing was the dress that Rihanna wore to the Met Gala Ball. She received a lot of a flack from Youtube "reviewers" for wearing the dress itself but I actually thought it was a dress that correctly embodied what Rei Kawakubo's designs aim toward. Challenging the fashionable shape and form. I think a lot of us forget that the Met Gala is actually a costume gala and not a regular fashion red carpet. I love seeing the different fashion houses push the boundaries of regular avant garde fashion into the world of costume. The 18th Century Punk Fall 2016/17 Dress that Rihanna wore to the Met Gala is actually displayed on the "Order/Chaos" exhibition towards the left hand entrance of the exhibition hall itself. And looking at all the intricate fabrics that are sewn into the garment it really is worth checking out.  

I highly recommend checking out the exhibition during its run up until September 4th and really take the time to explore the world that Rei Kuwakubo has created within Comme des Garcons. The free exhibition guide really takes you through the journey of developing each piece and where the vision came from. Go check it out!

After visiting the exhibition Gino and I strolled through our favourite part of the museum itself, the Temple of Dendur, which is housed in a huge hall in the western wing of the museum. It was actually where we took photos of one another on our initial date last year! 

Quite a nifty little tradition I think, and I cannot wait to visit next years exhibition! After the Museum visit we strolled on through Central Park, something which I haven't actually done in a while. Central Park is absolutely beautiful this time of year, and it is actually not too busy! Heck it's so big it actually doesn't really matter how busy it is. One thing I recommend checking out is walking towards the north eastern part of the park in the Conservatory Gardens. There are so many beautiful flowers and gardens to check out, and they make for the perfect photo location!

I absolutely live for days like this, it is so rare that Gino and I have a full day free where something isn't planned and it makes for the perfect way to explore old and new parts of the city. Taking the time to really take it all in. We strolled around and chatted about what our soon to be plans are and it was a great, peaceful way to get everything lined up for the next couple of weeks while also ticking off something that was on our list of many things to do in the city. An extremely fulfilling feeling to do. As we approach a new chapter of our lives (moving in together) it has been so nice to revisit some of the places that the earlier part of our relationship in preparation for all the new and exciting things to come. 

I hope you are all having a wonderful week and if you have visited a great exhibition in New York recently, I would love to hear about it in the comments or on the NevNYC Twitter!

Happy Sunday everyone!

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