And Just Like That...


....a new chapter begins. 

But in order for a new chapter to begin, you have to turn the page over from the last. And what a wonderful chapter it was. As many of you know, one year ago, myself, along with 4 of my fabulous friends, moved into a gorgeous new-build apartment in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. We happened upon the building after weeks of searching for the perfect place, and something about this apartment just jumped out at us. We knew that no matter what, we HAD to live in the building. With 4 out of 5 of us being international students it was becoming more and more difficult to find the perfect place, however, after weeks of back and forth with our real estate agent, we managed to get it! Hooray! I cannot tell you how great it was to sign that lease and have the keys handed over to us. It seemed almost impossible at one point. But there we were, a Brit, a Scot, a Cajun, an Aussie and a Swede. All going to the same school, and relocating their lives in New York to an awesome part of Brooklyn. It was one of the greatest days I've had here in the city. The picture above is the 5 of us after we signed the lease, just over a year ago. Where on earth has the time gone?!

That wasn't the end of our great day though as much to our surprise, the apartment next door was also available and after suggesting 4 of our willing friends, it happened that they too were able to get the apartment. So that made 9 of us. Living in two apartments next to each other. It really was like a constant episode of "Friends", with an open door policy and different nights in each of the apartments. Throughout the year we had so many great times in the place, whether it be sunbathing/BBQ'ing on our roof, late nights drinking wine and eating take out, Birthday/Holiday parties, morning missions to Bergen Bagels, all 9 of us congregating on one of the beds to catch up. It really was a year full of the best times. 

And now the chapter has ended. Well should I say, readjusted. After having graduated this year and as we begin working and earning money full-time, everyone split off into smaller, more cost-effective apartments. As most of you know, Gino and I are moving in together, and I am currently sat typing this up from his studio in Harlem. Strange how quickly it all flashes by. The plan is, me staying here until his lease is up before we find a place of our own. << Quite possibly the most adult sentence I have ever had to say in my 22 years. 15 months after meeting the man I love, we are moving in together. Life really is wonderful isn't it. But as I reflect on my time in Clinton Hill with the gang, I cannot, without feeling an overwhelming sense of gratitude for having shared such an incredible time of my life with some amazing human beings. And as we all readjust to our new environments, spread across Manhattan and Brooklyn, I want to say a great BIG thank you to; Jordan Fassina, Sarah Colbert, Ian Gadelius, Finty McBain, Cassy Cammarano, Savannah Whitten, Amara Surth and Casey Waller. I love you all. Here's to the future!

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