And So It Begins...

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I can think of no better time to log back onto NevNYC. 

So this is it. I have officially finished my time in institutionalised education. After 20 something years of school, I'm done. And although my last few weeks have been filled with anticipation, dread, adrenaline, celebration and so on, I feel excited! 

We have a saying England - "don't over-egg the pudding" which essentially means, don't spoil something by trying hard to improve it. This is how I feel at the end of my education. I have learnt so much from all the schools I have attended, particularly at my last two. I have made copious mistakes, felt several triumphs, celebrated, commiserated, but now I want to learn by doing. 

The last few weeks at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts were stressful, wonderful and bittersweet. We worked towards our final showcase, an opportunity to "show" who we are to a room full of industry professionals. A tougher task than it seems. But through the hard work of all involved, rehearsals, tech and the final show, ran seamlessly. This allowed for some truly great moments with my fellow Company members. Once showcase was over, we celebrated with the staff and faculty from the Academy in the annual dinner at Sardi's. Prosecco was consumed, speeches were given and fun was had. Then came the morning after...

I woke up (hungover) but asking the inevitable question, "Now what?". All that lay ahead of me is, "life". Now if you're like me, you are unable to sit still. I mean both physically and metaphorically. I hate nothingness, although life calls for those moments of rest, I truly thrive in the "GO GO GO" of living here in New York. Within hours of waking on the "first day of the rest of my life", Gino and I were deep cleaning and reorganising the apartment. "Tidy home, tidy mind", right? Well it seemed to work! Gino and I had a lovely weekend, and the following day I was back online, scrolling through casting calls on Backstage. Ahhh, the actors life. 

Today, 5 days into "life", I find myself sat in Astoria Coffee, Astoria, basking in a moment of stillness (the coffee hasn't kicked in yet). I find myself reflecting on the various bits and bobs I have learnt in my educational career and I find myself looking forward to the various things I have lined up for the rest of the year. Although some things are uncertain and the road ahead seems foggy right now, one thing, of which I am certain, is that I am ready. 

I hope you are all well, and I am so excited to get back into the swing of things with NevNYC now that I have a schedule that allows it! 

Nev x

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