Taking Some Time.


It seems silly to me, to finally be uploading this post. The photo above I actually took back in September, and have since re-drafted this post, several times. Why? Well I think I was apprehensive, as I didn’t want anyone to think that it was at all serious, I am completely fine, I think I just need a little break, to take some time away from social media. I think my apprehension also stemmed from not wanting this blog post to come across as an announcement, that I in any way think me needing a break from social media is anything important. It is not. However, I have spent a lot of time on NevNYC talking about social media’s positives, so I think some of the negatives should equally be discussed.

When I moved to New York, social media, in particular, this blog and my Instagram, were my little safe havens. I loved documenting my journey as I set up my life here, a place to keep all my memories and also a way in which to update my loved ones back at home. But in the last 6 months, for some reason, I’ve found social media an incredibly difficult place to be. For the longest time I have loved taking photos, editing them and sharing them. I remember getting a Flickr account back in 2009 because I loved sharing my own and seeing other peoples photography. As Instagram was created, I continued to do this! It is not new news at all that there are negatives attached to what the Instagram community has become. But for whatever reason, myself, other people, I have felt an immense pressure to create the best content. And for now, I need a break.

There are bigger things going on in the world than the toils and individual pressures one feels via social media, but time away seems a good fit for me at the moment. I miss reading, I miss writing on this blog, I miss conversing, I miss photography for photography’s sake and many other things. I know many of you will think that this can easily be balanced, and that is what I’m working towards, a healthy balance of social media in a positive light and everything else I want to achieve and do. But for now, a little reset.

In the mere few days I have been trying to take a step back, I have found I have been comparing myself to others less and less. The voice in my head that says “I don’t look like that” or “My career seems to be going in a different direction” or “wish I was doing that” or “Why aren’t I as vocal about my opinions and views as that person” etc has slowly started to deplete. I read a quote a while back that I have mentioned on this blog before; “comparison is the thief of joy”, and at the moment, this quote really rings true. My path is my path, how I look is how I look, what I do is what I do. I need to stop comparing myself. I need to stop putting unrealistic expectations on myself. Who knows what will come of this time, maybe I’ll be struck with a new creative and positive outlook within a couple days. Maybe I’ll moderate my time on social media for the long run. Maybe I just need a few days away to reset. Who blooming’ knows. But like many things we do for an extended period of time. I’m looking forward to some time away.

It seems somewhat contradictory to share this post on my social media, but I will continue to write on my blog post as taking the time to sit and write articles/posts is something I have not been doing, and hopefully in this new time of refocus, I can get posting again!

Please let me know if you have any similar thoughts etc. or your thoughts in general through messages or email as I am really interested to hear!

I hope you are all having a fabulous New Year so far!

— Luke