It's Been Waiting For You

Happy First Post everyone! Welcome to NevNYC! I thought I'd kick off this little blogging adventure with a post about where I live in Manhattan, and one of my favourite spots to relax in during this very warm (and slightly wet) Spring! I haven't always lived here however, I was actually born in Portsmouth on the South Coast of England and then moved to Country Durham in the North East where I have always lived until recently. In September of 2015 I moved to Manhattan to attend the American Academy of Dramatic Arts where I am currently nearly finished first year! For the past near 8 months I have been living in the centre of Midtown Manhattan on 30th Street & Madison Avenue!

As you can imagine, living amongst the hustle and bustle of Manhattan is quite the contrast to the quiet weekends I'm used to in County Durham but I absolutely love it. For me the sounds of the city as I fall asleep is extremely soothing and the idea of the "the city that never sleeps" is exciting (and matches my sleeping pattern). Of course like everyone else, after a crazy week of work and rehearsals, I want some of that down-time and R&R. One of my favourite spots to do so is in Madison Square Park in the Flatiron District. A park that is literally a hop, skip and a jump from my front door.

For me, Madison Square Park holds a lot more meaning that just a weekend stroll. When I came here in March of 2014 with my old college, I remember walking down Broadway and coming across the park. I remember having a distinct feeling that one day I wanted to live here, and that it was going to happen, I even called my mum to let her know that I really felt I needed to be here one day. There is nothing more fulfilling now than walking around the same spot and being so thankful for this opportunity and how lucky I am to get to live in one of the most amazing cities in the world. Madison Square Park isn't a huge park and probably takes about 15 minutes to walk around the edge of it but theres something about its relaxing layout that seems to speak to a lot of New Yorkers.

I spend most of my weekends here, whether its a casual stroll or finding a spot to chill with my flatmates. Even dashing through it to get some groceries or running work errands. Every time I cross through the gates into the park I just instantly feel relaxed and this seems to be the case for a lot of other people in the city. Being in the park most weekends has allowed me to really see the seasons shift. One Friday evening in January after a heavy snowfall it was really incredible to wander through the park and its emptiness. Now as the weather really begins to warm up its great to see the park filled with every kind of New Yorker, dog walkers, children, young couples, old couples, joggers, families, groups of friends (usually my throng of New York pals looking for a place to chill in the sun) the list is endless.

Okay so now you can see another big reason why I love the park... Madison Square Park is also home to the original Shake Shack, a fast food "shack" that serves THE best burgers and milkshakes (I know...busted). The line for food can get quite busy so if you are planning a little trip do keep this in mind, they do however have an Express Line if you are wanting a quick milkshake or portion of fries. A lot of people don't like that its in the park however I think if it means more people get to see how beautiful the park is then great! Besides, who doesn't love an ice cream or milkshake when they're sunbathing?! Whether you live in the city or you are planning a quick trip to New York anytime soon, I highly recommend visiting MSP whether its for a leisurely morning stroll (its usually a lot quieter in the mornings), a bite to eat at Shake Shack or when passing by to get a selfie in front of the Flat Iron building. You will soon see why its one of my favourite spots and hopefully it will become one of yours!

What are some of your favourite spots in the city? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy Sunday Everyone!

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