BLOGMAS DAY 8: The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide 2016

When I was thinking of things to do for BLOOMS DAY 8 I was sat at my computer one night (look at the sheer exhaustion on my face, daily blogging clearly isn't for the fainthearted!) looking for gifts for friends and family when I thought of doing a gift guide! I've seen quite a few people mention on social media that they love these kinds of festive blogs and that they really help when thinking of things to buy a loved one, for people in the family or for Secret Santa! I thought here on NevNYC I would collate some ideas in different sub-categories that would be helpful to those who really are lost for what gifts to buy! I've tried to pick products and links to websites that purchases can be made both from America and the United Kingdom however not all of the links are able to do so, however you can still browse the products and buy them from your preferred retailer!

Men's Fashion Faves

Women's Fashion Faves

Gino's Top Picks

Books & Stationary

Gadgets & Electronics

Mens Grooming 

Beauty & Fragrance

Stocking Stuffers

I really hope this gift guide is somewhat of use to you all and that you find some things you might not have thought of! I really loved sitting and getting all the items together and actually in the process found so many great items I think might end up in some peoples stockings this year! Let me know if you enjoyed this post and I'll be sure to do other ones in the future!! 



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