Bedford Date Night

Back in October, Jess, one of my oldest friends here in NYC, introduced me to Bedford, Williamsburg. Actually, prior to Dumbo this was the spot in Brooklyn that I would frequent the most often. There is just something about a leisurely stroll down Bedford Avenue, in and around the shops and cafes that chills me out. A couple weeks ago Gino and I fell in love with spending our weekends there popping into the markets or grabbing a bite to eat is some of the amazing spots they have there. 

Well this week due to busy schedules, Gino and I haven't been able to see one another. Which is actually pretty weird when we live 4 miles away from each other. Although in fairness. 2 miles in New York terms, is practically long distance. So we decided that on this holiday weekend, we would have both a relaxing, lazy Saturday morning as well as aim to get out the house and see some of NYC. Well the lazy Saturday morning lasted longer than we had originally planned meaning that we didn't actually get to Bedford until 5PM. But hey! That's what the weekend is for right?! Besides, in the morning we watched the amazing new Netflix Original Movie starring Allison Janney and Ellen Page, "Tallulah". I cannot recommend watching this movie enough. Gripping, symbolic, darkly-humorous and beautiful. Watch, watch, watch. 

Once ready, myself and this tit-head hopped on the train along to Lorimer. You can actually get a subway to Bedford from Clinton Hill however we love the walk up to Bedford from Metropolitan Avenue so decided to hop off there. Also it is good to note that on the way up to Bedford, if you head up North 6th Street, you will pass an amazing vintage store called "10 Ft Single By Stella Dallas", the stores content is as quirky as the name itself but I have come out of the store with some many good finds. A couple of friends have been in and found it expensive, which for some of the items, it most certainly is. But if you take the time to really dig around I can guarantee you'll get a good find. Whilst popping in there Gino and I actually bumped into Jess and Wyatt. I tell you what I'll never tire of bumping into friends in New York. It still makes me go "what the hell is my life right now". So of course we stood around and chatted for a bit. Look at them, sassing up the store...

We then wandered up to Bedford Avenue to look around some shops and find a restaurant to eat at in the evening. Everytime that we come here Gino always seems to find some good, inexpensive purchases. Last time we came we found some awesome button-ups for amazingly cheap prices, this time G managed to find really inexpensive bespoke jewellery from a market table on Bedford Avenue itself. Always good to note. That is one thing we both love Bedford, and even Brooklyn itself for. GIFTS. There are so may good unique stores that have great gifts, Brooklyn Charm, Verameat Jewellery, the Market. etc. the list goes on. Down the line I really want to do a blog that discusses New York gift ideas and the best places to get gifts from! 

We seemed to have timed our trip perfectly, strolling the streets as the sun began to set along the streets of Williamsburg, and the shops were quiet as they began to shut up for the evening. One of my favourite parts of Bedford, Williamsburg is the street art. We have it all over New York, but I love the street art the most, here in Bedford. It seems to blend into the background of the streets here, whilst also evoking thought and emotion. It is both in your face but integral to the surroundings. Its amazing! You can see for yourself in the head photo of this blog post and the following photos! 

I mean I guess you can hardly call the last one "street-art" but more "someone holding a Sharpie who clearly had something to say" but you get my drift. We finally settled on a restaurant after wandering around the streets. 

QI Authentic Thai Grill:

Gino and I both instantly loved the look of this place, it didn't seem to busy, the menu looked intriguing and the prices didn't make us want to run for the hills. It had actually been a while since we had both eaten out together, finding that we often opt for the old "lets pop to the grocery store and knock something up" kind of meal. Which is a somewhat foreign concept to most New Yorkers. What can we say, we go against the grain. However we are always attracted to Thai food whenever going out for dinner, maybe it has something to do with out first date being in a Thai restaurant! 

I mean we could not believe how reasonable the prices were for such an ambient restaurant. You can see from the photos it is 10/10 for aesthetic. For dinner we opted for the Toasted Bread and Peanut Sauce for an appetizer at $2.50 each. And for our mains/entrees we ordered something each that we both wanted, Chicken Roasted Cashew Sautee and Chicken Red Curry with Sticky Rice, each at $12 each. Perfect! The deciding factor for us that this was to be a new fave was that the food was delicious!

We loved it so much that we've actually made a reservation for Gino's birthday meal next weekend! I cannot wait to head back there and try some more dishes! Personal decor fave is the bathtub sinks and the Karma Sutra models surrounding the restaurant! #dreamdecor

We rounded off the night, chilling up on the swing chair on my roof. I can't tell you how much of an ideal Saturday it was. Extremely rewarding and well deserved after a crazy crazy busy week here in New York City. And the best part was I got to spend it with the guy I love! #soppysoppysoppy. 

Hope you all have an amazing weekend!

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