The Beginning of "The End"

Here we are, a week beyond the starting line for my final year at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts. A point where a flurry of questions begin to swamp my mind on my morning commute. "Where did the time go?", "Have I learnt as much as I thought I would?", "Am I starting to feel industry ready?" etc. etc. etc. To my second question I say YES. There was a hesitance in the 3 years prior to moving NYC, to acknowledge personal growth. Although it was encouraged, my 18, 19 and 20 year old self was somewhat reluctant to appreciate development in skill, knowledge or mindset. Well to those previous Luke's I say, OWN IT! In this industry, especially whilst at school, we spend years, months, hours and minutes diagnosing "the next step", resulting in a heavy mind full of the pro's and con's of spending those savings on headshots, on taking that class, on going for that drink the day before an audition, etc. Well to that I say just let it happen. Follow your impulses and follow your instincts. As I've said in many previous posts, what is right for one person may not necessarily be right for the person next to you, or anyone else for that matter.

As I enter my final year, that is really what my personal goal is. To follow my own personal impulses and instincts, and not self-critique when making those decisions. Whether it be in classes, when performing or when continuing with NevNYC. Part of this is being okay when a mistake is made or when I feel like something didn't go to plan. I think in my 21 years I have learnt more from those moments than any other! It's hard when at school, and as I've heard, even in the industry to compare yourself with others. But why? I don't know any two people who are EXACTLY alike. You may share striking resemblance to one another, you may each have outstanding work ethic, but you are made up of something that makes you, YOU! Don't apologise for it, don't neglect it, don't cover it, don't compare it. Own it, accept it, work on it, develop it, strengthen it, share it.

When starting NevNYC I didn't plan on a lot of blogs being about topics like this but I have found in the last few weeks that you guys really respond to blogs like this. At this point I really want to stress that when a blog is written about topics like this, be it mindsets, the ways I deal with stresses or daily situations, that I am in no way, shape or form writing it with the intention or it being THE way to approach similar situations. At 21 years old I would find it somewhat uncomfortable to believe that I was some advocate of self help. Heck no, that is not my intention. All I can do is write down my experiences and interpretations from various teachings, so that is what I will continue to do. Based on this experience, I've recently been collaborating thoughts with my old roommate and current neighbor Cassy. In recent weeks we've discovered similarities in the way we look at things so thought it would be great to collaborate on a piece of writing for NevNYC. I can tell you now its going to be something that I haven't really done for this channel yet but it's sure to be great. I'll let you guys know on Twitter and Facebook when it will be released but we want to make sure its at a good point before we make it public! Exciting times!

I wish all my fellow students an amazing final year! Lets do this guys!

As for the future of NevNYC, I will continue to upload based on how I'm feeling and through a variety of different blogging styles and different content. This year I will be uploading a little bit more details on the program I am on at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts. I've had a few questions from prospective students so I'm currently planning a big F.A.Q blog post that should be heading your way soon. Along with another Quick & Easy Recipe post! It has been SO long since I did one and I LOVE shooting them. That being said I have a lot planned and in the pipeline for the rest of the year but as I adjust to this new schedule and dynamic in my life I wanted to say a quick thanks for sticking with me!

Happy Monday Everyone!!

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