Back to The City

It wouldn't be a summer at the Nev's without a BBQ send-off! On the Saturday before I left we decided to do an all-day/all-evening BBQ where everyone could drop in to say bye. Perfect! Basically an excuse for the Nev's to booze it up all day!!

I've had such a nice time at home! For the first few days it definitely felt weird as it didn't feel like my place anymore which as my mum told me is not a bad thing at all! It's quite nice that I've comfortably made a life for myself back in New York. One thing that has been great is that coming home is like a little bit of reassurance that nothing really changes no matter how far away we are for however long, from home. It was so great to see my family and my sister once she got back from Portugal. It was nice to be able to just chill at home in the living room, cooking, catching up etc. just like we used to. The strange part is how easily you can slip into old habits and routines. I was snacking like a motherf**ker, just like I used to when I was home all the time. But at least this time I could use the excuse "I'm on holiday", although I think I may have used it a little too much....nevermind!!!!

The journey home was actually really really great, no delays and barely any layover time at Heathrow Airport. For some reason I was so much more relaxed on the flights home and I had a really good headspace, to the point where I even slept through take off from London, which never happens. During the flight I watched Zootopia, Star Wars: The Force Awakens and How To Be Single. I have to say although I'm named after Luke Skywalker (not kidding), until now I had no interest in watching Star Wars, but I am now HOOKED! Holy shit that movie was good, I cried three times and genuinely clapped my hands. Sad. Sad. Sad.

When I got into JFK the immigration line was absolutely ridiculous, but Gino met me as I left the airport so I was in such a good mood it didn't even matter! Was so so amazing to see him again and get back to my apartment!!!! We were both so exhausted though that we devoured a Margherita pizza and passed out.

This morning we woke up at like 6:30AM because we'd gone to sleep so early, like and old couple. But around 7:30AM it was already warm to we shoved our trainers on and went out for a walk along to Dumbo. Gino hadn't been along here before but fell in love. I'm sure you'll be able to read all about it on ExperiencingGino in the coming weeks! Well today is 4th of July so we're going to head into Soho for a little shop around and maybe grab a cheeky bev, and then tonight we're gonna get loads of nibbles and some wine and watch the fire works from my rooftop! ITS SO GOOD TO BE BACK!!

Happy Monday Everyone! And Happy 4th July to all you Americans!

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