Hometown Glory

I've been here 24 hours now and I'm having the best time with the Nevs. Today I ventured into Durham with Mum to get my eyes tested and mooch around Durham town centre. Turns out I need glasses - my 10 year old self, who wanted glasses to look like Harry Potter is so happy right now. My 21 year old self is just excited to be able to read the menu in Smash Burger more clearly. We then went up to Durham Cathedral, a beautiful part of my hometown. There was a section of the Cathedral where you could pay £1 to GiftAid or the Cathedral itself to place a brick of Lego on their huge 3D Lego Model of the Cathedral itself. SO cool! I remember last summer, the High Line back in NYC was doing a similar thing with an abstract version of the Manhattan skyline! I place a piece of the grass because I'm at one with nature this week, surrounded by all this countryside ;). If you're around the area I definitely recommend heading to the Cathedral to take it all in but also to place a brick on the model that finishes in 5 weeks time! It looks incredible! All the pins mark where people from around the world have come and place a brick!

Love it! It was so cool to wander around the streets of Durham, especially during these summer months. So many of my weekends were spent here with friends and family, mooching about the shops and boutiques. I met a lot of my friends in the Market Place and we used to grab food and head down to the riverbanks, so many great memories. It was also crazy how small it all felt this time coming home, the streets seem so small in comparison to the expansive avenues of NYC. My mum and wandered around looking at the shops, and I FINALLY got a new pair of black jeans, I seem to go through them as much as I do deodrant at the moment, I should probably invest in a better pair. We then caught up with my Dad and grabbed some lunch at the Slug & Lettuce, a British chain bar/restaurant. (50% off-food-Monday, you cant go wrong!). I LOVE being able to just chill out with my parents, bloomin' miss them so much!

When we got home my Uncle Steve was on the drive as he is heading to Newcastle for a meeting. Such a stroke of luck he was nearby so we could catch up, and for England the weather has been lovely meaning we could all sit out at in the garden and have some BBQ'd food! PERFECT. Had a little visit from one of my oldest friends Jenny. So so so nice to have everyone around and feel like old times again!! Great evening full of giggles, and now after walking my pooch Mac, we're heading along to Debbie and Ian's next door to have a drink and watch some football (I better read the rules!...) 


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