Celebrating Creativity, Running in Brooklyn and New Fave Coffee Spot!

I don't know why my weekend posts have turned into a dribble of thoughts lately, but it's so refreshing to have an outlet for them. Allocating time to blog has slowly integrated itself into my routine by this point. I love being able to just sit for an hour and write about any encounters I've had, or what I've been up to. It's also been so great to read the feedback and responses you guys have from reading my posts. A few weeks ago when I started the blog it was aimed at updating my family back at home and I genuinely thought it would just be family and close friends who read them. As the audience of NevNYC continues to grow its so cool to be able to connect to different people, also with blog, that I love now reading weekly. A blog I have been reading for a couple years now is BonjourLuce, Lucy and I used to go to school together and have known each other since we were little. Check our her blog it is nothing short of an inspiration to read! 

I've seen so much support for creative people at the minute on my Facebook and Tumblr feeds. With the announcement of Julie Andrews & Jim Henson Co.'s new Children's TV Show for Netflix "Julies Greenroom", a puppet show (much like the Muppets) aimed at educating preschoolers and young children, all about the arts! A variety of guest stars have been confirmed such as Tituss Burgess, Chris Colfer & Idina Menzel. I LOVE this idea, what a great way to introduce the idea that creative careers are out there and don't just have to be hobbies. I mean give me a Seasame-Street-esque show + puppets + Julie Andrews + Broadway guest stars and I'm on board! I also saw a video last night on Facebook that I thought was just incredible. As part of NYU's Tisch School of the Arts 50th Anniversary of Artist in Residency, Pharrell Williams offered a masterclass at The Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music. He discussed and listened to the music of the students and then gave advice and notes. Maggie Rodgers time with Pharrell Williams appears to have gone viral after Williams stated he "has no notes to give". After hearing her story and then the track, he could identify her journey within the track and commended her on working from herself. INCREDIBLE! Such a cool moment to watch, you can see it HERE, the full masterclass is online by Maggie's part begins at 18:30. 

Summer so far, has been a slow and steady time and I kind of like it, but I kind of don't. Don't worry, I'm not gonna go all schizo on you, but it's so frustrating! When I'm busy and on-the-go all the time, all I want to do is have a day where I set no alarms and have no plans. On a Saturday like today when I didn't have to set an alarm (well..Gino did as he had work), and have no plans, all I want is to be busy!! On the plus side though I have now been able to get back into running. I'm not sure if I mentioned running in one of my previous posts but in the past year and a half I have found a new love for running. It's so weird to me that I now love it after hating it so much as a teenager haha! But I now love it! Stick some music on, and just...go. Complex, I know. Before I moved to NYC I had a 6 mile route I would do once or twice a week around my home, but once I moved to the city it was IMPOSSIBLE to get a good, accessible and easy route! One of the best routes in the city is down alongside the West Side Riverbank. However it takes a good walk, subway train to get there, even when living in the city. At my new apartment we have a communal gym on the roof for the residents which is empty every time I've used it thus far so I have been running on the treadmill, but this morning I went out to find a new route! I knew that Dumbo and Brooklyn Bridge Park wasn't to far so I just ran in that direction. Turns out its around a 5 mile round trip to the Brooklyn Bridge Park and back, a really nice route! 

I mean look at these views! You guys know I love a good perspective shot of the city! Keep an eye out for an upcoming blog on Dumbo and Brooklyn Bridge Park because I can highly recommend a visit if you are on holiday in NYC. 

SIDENOTE: The pictures for the next view weeks posts will be taken on my iPhone. Amara and Ian have kindly been lending me their cameras for some of their previous posts bless them as I start getting equipment etc together for the blog. However they have gone home so I will be taking pictures for the blog with my own resources in the foreseeable future! I just wanted to thank them so much for helping me out! 

Whilst running this morning it was so overwhelming to try an find a route in a place I have yet to explore but I definitely think I will be running here for a while. Also on the run I spotted a coffee shop I wanted to try out. Brooklyn Roasting Coffee Shop (where I am currently blogging from **sigh** so NYC I wanna die)! I ran past it this morning and I am game to try out any place that has air conditioning, iced coffees and a vinyl record player, so I ventured on down here this afternoon to absolutely abuse their WiFi and my credit card (I'm 4 coffees deep...oops). I highly recommend this spot, its a little out of the way but well worth it as its so quiet and very spacious. Head down towards Flushing Avenue and Washington Avenue. You will not be disappointed! 

So cute! Also if you're an avid people-watcher like I am, the windows make the perfect spot to do so! Everyone else at the apartment has now left me. Gino is busy being a working girl all weekend, Ian, Finty, Sarah and Jordan are all either home or on their holidays so I'm in the apartment on my own. I'll probably head to the gym and then I'm thinking an evening of Devil Wears Prada and a glass of Three Buck Chuck ($3 Wine from Trader Joes wine, a student saviour). ALLLLL BYYYYY MYYYSEEEEEEEYYYEEEELF.


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