Sunday Morning Thoughts

Sometimes living here, in my own little world, away from everything I grew up around. I forget. I forget where I am, I forget how I got here and I forget to take a step back and really take it all in. Of course I am so appreciative, that never changes, but honestly, sometimes I forget I'm in New York. Every week I wake up early, head next door to work or to classes and then I get in on an evening and cook some food I used to chill out with everyone and then probably grab an early night. A routine not too dissimilar from the one I had back at home which really doesn't make NYC feel that far away. This leaves little time for perspective and reflection. You will have read in my first blog post "Its Been Waiting for You", that I spend my weekends at a local park or by doing something within the city that ignites another spark of love for the environment. You will have also read in my "Stress and the City" post that changing your environment or getting out of the city can really help. A place I really like to do so is Central Park. Now I know this is technically not really "getting out" of the city, but it really feels like a different place when you're wandering through the park on a Saturday or Sunday. The best place to get some perspective is from the top of the Central Park Reservoir, the views of the skyline are breathtaking and really make you appreciate all that you're doing. 

In my apartment we don't have cable so I get all my news stories from online or in the paper. On Friday whilst getting my haircut, I was watching the weather report for Memorial Day weekend which was shortly followed by an overlook of the weather this weekend in America. I sat there and thought to myself...SH*T, I live here! 

Summer, most definitely arrived this week! Back in the UK I would dream of living in a hot climate, but as I found out this weekend, when it is hot here, it is HOT! During the week I'm in the office and Sod's Law usually means that by the time we reach the weekend, the heat has disappeared, and I'm left with an overcast and mild Saturday and Sunday. This weekend the temperature reacher 33 celsius which is the equivalent of around 90 fahrenheit. Add a couple thousand tall metal/glass skyscrapers, you begin to feel like an ant, burning away under a microscope. 

Yesterday to enjoy and escape the heat, Ian (one of my future roommates) and I took a trip to America's good ol' friend Target, to look at stuff for our new apartment, of course we left with an abundance of unnecessary and essential snacks. It was so hot on the walk to Central Park that we ended up getting a cab from 116th down to 90th. I'd never been to the East Meadow before, I'd only ever been to Sheep's Meadow further down town. The lawn was sprinkled with people sunbathing, picnic-ing and playing frisbee. Stupidly, I had brought a fluffy red blanket to sunbathe on which seemed to cook us like chicken-cutlets so our sunbathing stint lasted around 45 minutes. But hey, at least now we know for next time. Gino is currently sunning it up in the Hampton's for memorial day with his friend Sami and are having the best time, so its a really nice a sunny weekend for all!

Although its been weird this week with everyone moving, I've had loads of time to myself to sit back and reflect on the 9 months I've had here and the point I'm at right now. The photo above is the first time I've been confident enough to upload and un-edited picture where my body is exposed. I'm really happy with where I am at the moment and in the craziness of New York City, I've really found myself and a life for myself here. And I couldn't be more thankful for everyone back at home supporting me and following my little adventure here. I especially cannot thank my parents enough for everything they do. The Neville's have been on a bumpy journey for a while and no matter what roadblocks or obstacles head their way, it does not effect their sense of humours or positivity. An attribute I'm so proud to have inherited from them all. EVERYONE is going through something, some cases worse. But it's how you deal with those times and get back on your feet that defines us. Their selflessness, passion and kindness is something that continues to inspire me. 

I guess today is a very thankful Sunday, just as everyday should be! 

What are you thankful for this week? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Sunday everyone!

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