I can think of no better time to log back onto NevNYC. So this is it. I have officially finished my time in institutionalised education. After 20 something years of school, I'm done. And although my last few weeks have been filled with anticipation, dread, adrenaline, celebration and so on, I feel excited! 
We have a saying England - "don't over-egg the pudding" which essentially means...

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For me, writing is a tricky beast. What is it that I want to say? Will the words on the page truly reflect my thoughts? Will anyone read or see what I have to say? These are things that plague my mind when approaching a notepad or my laptop keyboard. I have made a point this year to really delve into articles, the news and writing on current affairs etc. Back in June I subscribed to the New Yorker, Vanity Fair and keep up to date with the New York Times, and since June I have...